smiling Akaashi is my new reason to live


Three episodes into season 2, and KnB is desperately trying to kill me.

1. Strawberry baby Kagami. Look at him!

2. Casually introduces Himoru Tatsuya, the hottest looking character so far

3. Who has a legitimate magic shot

4. Kuroko working on his own legitimate magic move

5. Kiyoshi reminding me so much of Tachibana Makoto it’s scary

6. Riko x Junpei 4ever

7. Kagami headbutting the hoop

and most of all:

8. The miracle generation sense a disturbance in the force

So about Bokuto’s number

Theory time.

This is a bit of a long shot, but several theories are already out there about Bokuto’s number 4 jersey, so why not. Every captain on KnB has the number 4. In fact, every basketball captain in official matches has the number 4. This is because the rules written by the International Basketball Federation reserve numbers 1-3 for coaches and stuff.

If you look up Bokuto’s weird kneepads, you’ll see that those are also common in basketball (just google ‘basketball long kneepads’).

What if basketball is where he came from? What if he just always looked up to that sport but it turns out he’s not that good? What if he had his ‘moment’ while playing volleyball so he switched? (what if Furudate is just putting a KnB reference in?)

You can totally see Fukurodani humouring this child owl when he demands the number 4 and once you get past that, the line-up makes sense. Everyone in that picture, apart from Akaashi and Wataru (12) are third years. As vice-captain and super polite person, Akaashi probably just felt the need to get ‘the next number’ after his captain. The rest just does the age thing, with the only first year, Wataru, at the end.

That would, admittedly, make less of a potentially tragic story, but it would be more of a… Bokuto shenanigans story.



Does anyone else have that one fanfiction that they’re dying to to write but it’s like, mega long and basically a whole universe, and then you’ve got head-cannons to go with that fanfiction and like fanfiction to go with that fanfiction an back-stories for every character and you get frikin’ feels about that universe and it’d be the most coolest thing if you could just be bothered to frikin’ write it.

#what do you mean one

Ok, but I can’t get over how cute Aomine looks in flashbacks?


Look at that happy blueberry. So young. So innocent.


How did he go from that to world weary villain who looks like he survived a war and will shank a bitch in, what, two years? WTF? What is up with middle schools in Japan? Why do so many of them mentally fuck up talented sports players?

KnB: *introduces Aomine with lots of shadows and a nasty phone call*

me: Oh man, you’re going to be my favourite, aren’t you?

I’m on episode 11 and my brain is still trying to insert Mamoru Miyano as the voice for Kise Ryota.
Just because it’s a pretty bro doesn’t mean it’s Mamo, brain.