Types of Pokemon Go players

Has this been done

The adventurer:
Uses the app as an excuse to go places. You want an errand done?
They’re on it, it will just take three hours. Visit not only their
home town but go out to different cities, just so
they can have a squirtle that wasn’t caught two blocks away. Has 150
different types of pokemon, but none with more than 800 cp.

The efficient: Uses
a combination of lures and lucky eggs in strategic places with two or three pokestops overlapping. Trains
gyms in the downtime. Hasn’t hatched a single egg but was level
35 after two days of playing.

The countryside: They have an
veritable army of Raticates and a 2000 cp Pidegeotto. They own the
only gym in their town and train there five times a day. There is a
heated rivalry with the other player in their neighbourhood, because of course
Kevin is on another team.

The sociable:
Spend their time dropping lures in the park and observing the gathering crowd. Address everyone looking at their
phone with ‘what team?’. Set up facebook pages for local players and organize raids
on the gyms. Really, really hoping the trading system gets
installed soon.

The walker: They
lost five kilo’s since the game came out. Their skin is a deep tan
from hanging out outside in the summer and their calves are rock
hard. They have a million fucking pidgey candies and if the game
crashes one more time when they’re about to grab that eevee they will
destroy their smartphone.

The strategist:
They have perfected a cycle route that takes in every pokestop and
gym in their home town, with specific streets added where they have seen rarer pokemon spawn. They know the Gotta Catch ‘Em All map for
their neighbourhood by heart. Play the game for like half an hour a
day but have a 1500 cp dratini. Beg their friends for a ride when it

The mole: Their
feet hurt like hell, they were super pale a month ago but now they’re
red because holy shit, going outside is something else. Prefer to
play in the early morning, to avoid large crowds and heavy sunshine.
Super happy whenever they score incense, because it allows them to
play from the comfort of their couch.

The young-un:
“Pidgeys are so cute! Look, this one is called
‘Gunderson’.” They name every single rattata and weedle after
family members. They cherish the hell out of their 15 cp starter
charizard and haven’t transferred a single pokemon yet. They can’t
wait to get a pikachu.

The ‘I don’t know
what you’re talking about’:
Respectable, with suits and jobs and a spouse that may or may not
laugh at them for ‘childish games’. Have been sitting on a bench next
to a gym for half an hour, sneakily tapping their phone. Will deny
even knowing what a pokeyman is but you can see them light up when
someone puts a lure down.

The fighter: Live
for the gym game. Use up all their dust immediately to level
pokemon. They try to control every single gym in their entire
neighbourhood and will go out in the middle of the night if someone
took over. Call their friends to say it’s on. Not saying they’re team
Valor, but probably team Valor.

Did I miss any?


Obligatory Voltron post

Things to like
about Voltron: Legendary Defender

  • Shiro. Just…
    all of Shiro.
  • Allura
    flinging things.
  • Pidge being snarky
  • Everyone just
    being ‘oh, ok’ at Pidges reveal and not making it a big
    deal at *all*
  • Did I mention
  • Keith and
    Lance. Ok, I get everyone ships them but as characters, I like how
    fucked up of a red oni, blue oni team they are. Like, they’re
    literally red and blue, fire and ice, but their personalities don’t
    match the trope at all.
  • Hunk is a
    delight and a voice of reason and I will defend him and his common sense to my dying breath
  • Even the
    stupid butler is kindof a badass
  • Is he a butler? Wtf is he supposed
    to be? Is he, like, the prince consort or something?
  • The show
    actually gets so much better as the season progresses? Like episode
    9 is super emotional, and 10 is just amazing.

Things not to like
about Voltron

  • Give me my god
    damned Keith-centric episode! I want to know all the things!
  • I’ve seen the
    ‘form Voltron’ clip, thanks. I know you’re proud of it, just..
    that’s about enough of that clip.
  • Also: that’s
    your season ending?

So let me get this straight.
Voltron is basically ‘hot dudes in space’
with kitty robots,
and the humour of Avatar
set to the soundtrack from Mass Effect?

Yeah, sign me up.

Update: it is half a day later and I have finished season 1.
*taps foot*
What now?

So let me get this straight.
Voltron is basically ‘hot dudes in space’
with kitty robots,
and the humour of Avatar
set to the soundtrack from Mass Effect?

Yeah, sign me up.

Mailbox update

Hello, hi,

I’m back from a hiking trip in which I tried very hard to stay away from the internets.
My legs hurt like hell but my mind is a bit clearer now.

So while I deal with my attention starved cats, let’s answer your pm’s! Sorry for taking so long. I’ll put them under a cut because I took too long and now there’s a few to answer. 

hi @melonaoh,

oh god I love that icon.  First up: thank you 🙂

And dear lord that Kageyama profile has been so long in the works 😦

I’ve written about him a lot already (you can check his posts in the tags), since he is one of my favourites. To the point where I kinda fear that any profile of him will turn into a small novel. So, uh, yes, Kageyama should come at some point in the future, once I learn how to pace myself. He’s definitely on my to-do list (hurhur).

Hi nonny,

thanks! I’m glad you like my blog, but please don’t hide in my bushes at night?

You know, I never thought about those two! Terushima probably deserves one, tbh, as does Daishou. Their team dynamic is even pretty cool. You’re giving me ideas, nonny.

Hi nonny,

so, uh, Ushijima and Tendou are probably next on my character analysis list? Ushiwaka because he’s been kindof a misrepresented character in a lot of the fandom, and Tendou because, dude, he’s Tendou. He went from ‘holy crap he’s annoying and evil’ to ‘holy crap he’s awesome’ in my head.

The reason they don’t already have one is that I’ve been waiting for season three of the anime. They should be featured rather heavily in that and I want to see how they’re portrayed there (and take colour screenshots). But yes. Consider this an official confirmation.

I’m going to have to really get into team profiles, it seems.

Hi @hufflestnerd

aw, you’re so sweet! Thank you 🙂

More notes on Pokemon Go

It’s holiday season and I’m one of those lucky people that got to travel abroad. So obviously I tried to catch foreign Pokemon, because I’m a massive nerd.

Here’s what I found out.

1. You know how you have to keep an eye on your phone battery? Also keep track your roaming tariffs. Pokemon Go isn’t too bad with mobile data, but it does still use it. Check your data plan ahead of time and don’t overdo it (I turned mobile data off whenever I wasn’t actively using it) so you don’t come home to a huge bill.

2. Traipsing
around the countryside and catching random Pokemon in remote
villages absolutely makes you feel like some kind of

3. But it’s not
very efficient. While it is cool to pick up the Pokestop of some
remote dolmen and catch the single Magicarp in a fishing village,
just hanging out in a large town square at home and setting up lures is a
much easier way to level and catch Pokemon.

4. Having said that: different
definitely have different Pokemon. You probably already knew
that. I swear,
though, that some regions just have more rare ones? I don’t
know if it’s because I hit level 10 just before I left or because it’s a touristy place but the first time I played in one village I
caught three eevees, two psyducks and four tentacools, none of which I had ever seen before that day. So yeah, there
are probably kids in that stupid village who think Eevee is like a
normal occurring Pokemon. The bastards.

5. Also: I don’t know if this is common knowledge, but steel and electric Pokemon apparently like defensive military structures? I’ve never in my life seen so many magnenite and voltorbs as in Saint-Malo, which is like a town built inside a medieval fort. Not sure how this works. Maybe old timey battlefields have the same effect? Please don’t break into military compounds, tho.

6. Be kind to your companions. I’ve been hiking up and down the
French coast with a VERY patient, non-gaming friend and the
reason we’re still friends is because I didn’t ignore her. “Hey, do you
mind if we sit here for like five minutes? We can use a water break and I could take this gym pretty
quick.” is a better way of doing things than “Hold up,” *stares at

It’s still a game, guys. Augmented reality does not replace reality.

7. Pokemon Go is
essentially a navigating app, so you may as well use it as such. For me it was a constructive hiking aid on a dozen occasions.

  • patient
    : We should be coming up to a road soon, no?
  • me: Well,
    the map on my phone has an intersection in like fifty meters.

but also:

  • patient companion:
    I wonder what that statue is supposed to be. It looks like Jesus.
  • me: Well, the Pokestop is called … Eternal Father?
  • patient companion: Does that mean it’s supposed to be god? Or some mythological figure.
  • me: We’ll, uh, look it up when we get back.

and (I swear this happened so many times we are not good with maps, ok)

  • patient companion: Where the heck is that lighthouse? Isn’t it supposed to be visible? Isn’t that the point?
  • me: Uh, if we take a left here and then a right two streets away there’s a gym called ‘The lighthouse’.

Finding out useful shit with the app sure as hell saves
up some patience points for when they have to wait around while I
‘quickly’ grab a dewgong that keeps breaking free.

8. I found an unclaimed gym? On the tip of some peninsula? And it made me feel like friggin Livingstone? Lookit:

This gym looks like it belongs in Jurassic Park.

And then reality kicked in when my seaking lasted for all of eighteen hours.

So: about Binan

Warning: there will be butts.

Naked ones.

I think the thing I like most about Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! is how utterly, ludicrously shameless it is.

It’s a magical boy anime and it is very, very obviously a parody.
I mean, they kiss their bracelet and say ‘Love making’ to transform ffs.

And the actual jokes and scripts are pretty run of the mill, apart from the fact that they tend to fight… weird monsters.

But what I like is that, as a magical boy show it just really… goes for it? Full steam ahead? Like, there’s no self deprecating ‘no homo’ moments anywhere.

There’s just a lot of really long, lovingly rendered transformation sequences, and stupid talk about ‘a loving world’ and I’m just… I find that kind of endearing.

Also: every single episode is a shameless onsen episode. It’s their hangout. It has more skin than Free!