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Cheer danshi-anon here. So far I’ve quite liked it, I think five episodes have aired or something? Idk how gay it is (but I’m practically the worst person to ask that because I’m just so blind when it comes to shipping in general I mean seriously everyone’s out shipping whatever in all sports anime’s and then there’s me going ???) but definitely worth checking out I think ^^

Hi nonny!

Thanks again for reminding me of its existence, because, yeah, I’m all over this. I also agree with you on the gay. So far, not getting it. It might be because it’s fairly early in the season, or because I’m not watching with the right mindset (but I had none of those issues with Prince of Stride). But personally, I don’t need to ship anything in a show to like it.

I’m really happy I checked this show out!

Three episode review: Cheer danshi!

Ah, the cheerleader
squad sports anime. I saw this float by ages ago and I actually
forgot it was out this season until a nonny reminded me (for which, omg thank you!).

Let’s do this.


What it’s about:
Haru is from a long line of judo champions but hurt his shoulder and
can’t compete any more. His best friend decides that the two of them
should start an all men’s cheerleading team instead.

First impression:
Whoa, this is set in college. I repeat: this is not a high school
sports anime.
No one has to be aged up for the fanfics. Second: this is, like, legit. I was
expecting some parody in the style of Binan or Osomatsu, but no.
This is a serious (as far as that is possible) sports anime about a
fledgling cheerleader team going against the odds and, while they’re at it,
some rather strict gender stereotypes. That is a neat set-up right at
the start. From there it goes straight into the expected tropes:
childhood friends, the Dream, the Nerd etc. With my new added
favourite: the public humiliation. Also: it’s pretty. The boys are
very pretty. *cough*

Second impression:
They keep adding pretty boys! It’s kinda funny how literally every
new member has a tragic back story that’s rattled off fairly fast. I’d
say they’re trying too hard, but it doesn’t bother me as much as it
did in, say, Prince of Stride. And while I maintain that the show is
serious about being a sports anime and not a parody, it’s also a very
silly show. It’s pretty funny, which is as it should be. Also, most
of the characters are just so incredibly likeable and I love seeing them interact? It has almost Haikyuu levels of characterisation and
that is pretty high praise.

Yes, you will be, cheerleading Rei.

Hottest dude: Oh
man. I love Ton for being chunky and doing his thing. I love Kazu
because Kazu is a friggin angel come down to earth to save us all. I
love Haru because he’s is just… very pretty, you guys. Hottest guy
so far is maybe Gen? But Shou with his obviously tragic past is
probably gonna make me want to hug him and squish him and protect
him from the big bad world. Oh, and there’s a guy with dreads in the ending credits that
hasn’t shown up yet but looks really cool, ok? Jury’s still out on
‘hottest dude’.

Gayness? Ya know, you’d expect quite a bit of gay, but so far I’m not getting it. Apart from the childhood friends thing, where they’re just *so* there for each other. Surprisingly straight, at three episodes in.

Extra notes:

  • Please note how this is set in college, but the guys look younger than, say, the cast of KnB (who are supposed to be 15?).
  • This show loves to invert stereotypes: the Nerd is an academic failure, Serious Man has a weakness for mascots, etc.
  • I really appreciate the amount of easter eggs in the background ? Like the random
    faceplant in the gym, and how all the team members have already
    gotten a little cameo in the first episode. It’s a pretty clever
  • Kazu’s messaging
    icon is a cheerleading pig. I just. Yeah.
  • Kazu also explains
    moves by using those stupid messenger stickers.
  • Kazu is a silly

Kazu, ladies and gentlemen.

Go, fight, win?
Seeing as how I’m already all over the entire cast: definite win. I hope they don’t lose momentum, but this is a very promising show right now. Probably my favourite, out of the sports anime this season.

Three episode review: Amaama to Inazuma (Sweetness and Lightning)

Not a sports anime,
but this one was recommended to me as being liquid sugar. Here’s a
mini review based on the first three episodes.

What is it about? A
widower learns to cook so he can feed his young daughter nice meals.

First impression:
Oh dear lord. That description already gave me some indication
of what this show was gonna be like: sweet, cute and a major tear
jerker. But I was not prepared for the intensity of it all.
There are no words for how adorable that girl is. Not just in
animation, but also because her voice actress blew me away. Also
also: I cried. Twice. In twenty minutes. I mean, I’m a total wuss,
but sweet Bastet on a stick did the first episode get to me. It is
Very Adorable and Very Emotional.

Second impression:
This show is the equivalent of a warm bath. You know the type: too
many bubbles, candles precariously balanced on the side of the tub
and music playing from the stereo you dragged into the bathroom. It
makes me kind of giddy. Everyone is very into food. There are
toddlers who are cute and a single dad who’s just… trying so hard,
you guys. I have many feels. I like how it portrays fatherhood as a good thing, in a medium that’s just rife with absent dads.

Favorite character:
Tsugumi. It’s hard to portray small children realistically,
especially if they appear to be a literal angel, but Tsugumi is very
good, even if her hair is biologically impossible. She’s silly, and fun, and she doesn’t know words well yet and
jeebus is she adorable.

Extra notes: I just
checked and holy hell Tsugumi’s VA is an eleven year old girl who is
better at her job than I will ever be at mine. Their approach to
cooking, and the recipes portrayed, are also pretty on point.

Yay or nay? Do you
want to experience joy? Do you wish to feel your cold, shrivelled
heart regain the urge to pump precious life blood? Friggin watch this
show already.