Three episode review: Amaama to Inazuma (Sweetness and Lightning)

Not a sports anime,
but this one was recommended to me as being liquid sugar. Here’s a
mini review based on the first three episodes.

What is it about? A
widower learns to cook so he can feed his young daughter nice meals.

First impression:
Oh dear lord. That description already gave me some indication
of what this show was gonna be like: sweet, cute and a major tear
jerker. But I was not prepared for the intensity of it all.
There are no words for how adorable that girl is. Not just in
animation, but also because her voice actress blew me away. Also
also: I cried. Twice. In twenty minutes. I mean, I’m a total wuss,
but sweet Bastet on a stick did the first episode get to me. It is
Very Adorable and Very Emotional.

Second impression:
This show is the equivalent of a warm bath. You know the type: too
many bubbles, candles precariously balanced on the side of the tub
and music playing from the stereo you dragged into the bathroom. It
makes me kind of giddy. Everyone is very into food. There are
toddlers who are cute and a single dad who’s just… trying so hard,
you guys. I have many feels. I like how it portrays fatherhood as a good thing, in a medium that’s just rife with absent dads.

Favorite character:
Tsugumi. It’s hard to portray small children realistically,
especially if they appear to be a literal angel, but Tsugumi is very
good, even if her hair is biologically impossible. She’s silly, and fun, and she doesn’t know words well yet and
jeebus is she adorable.

Extra notes: I just
checked and holy hell Tsugumi’s VA is an eleven year old girl who is
better at her job than I will ever be at mine. Their approach to
cooking, and the recipes portrayed, are also pretty on point.

Yay or nay? Do you
want to experience joy? Do you wish to feel your cold, shrivelled
heart regain the urge to pump precious life blood? Friggin watch this
show already.


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