Story dump alert

NSFW conversation under the cut to protect the innocent.


I have several big projects to finish,
so obviously I spent these past few weeks experimenting
with short form smut instead.
In my defence: this was an absolute
blast to write.

There’s something coming up next week that is *utterly filthy* but for now, have five little scenarios that I needed to get out of my system ( on AO3, here).
These are
bite size stories of our favourite fictional basketball players
reacting to surprise blow jobs from their s/o.
In case ‘surprise
blow job
’ didn’t give it away: these are very graphic.
Also: extremely

They’re just super lame and sentimental and happy. The world
needs more happy sex, ok?
Also also? Ungendered reader.

So far there’s a chapter for : Aomine,
Midorima, Kise, Kagami and Murasakibara


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