And another one

Last week I promised that
more filth was coming, so here it is.

NSFW under the cut to protect the innocent.

ever work on something and the whole time you’re like ‘what the heck
am I doing?’. This is that something for me. It’s the lewdest thing
I’ve ever written (…so far). It has dom Kise and bondage and
humiliation and did I mention dom Kise? I don’t even know, man.

I really like the idea of
Kise having two sides to him, and this story pretty much pits manga
Kise (cold, distant, dead serious) against anime Kise (entirely too enthusiastic)
in the type of bondage scenario I can get behind (holy shit healthy

Ungendered reader

Shades of gold

The ribbon, bright pink
and silky, dug into the back of your neck, not enough to hurt, but
very obviously present as you sat on your knees on the white fluffy
carpet in your living room. It came down into a tie at your front
where it spread out in a series of knots that Kise, after watching a
tutorial only once, had expertly worked open into diamond shapes with
cords looping from your back and crossing in front before reaching
around again. It created the effect of a very elaborate skintight
cage, a bright flash of lines against your skin.
In the mirror
Kise had placed in front of you, it was undeniably beautiful, even as
it started to squeeze patterns in the softer parts of your flesh.


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