Let’s talk about Tendou for a bit

So we’re getting a
bit more Tendou in S3 E2 and this is nice because Tendou is one of
the more… interesting characters.
In the manga he was one of
the first ones I truly managed to despise (at least for like ten
A lot of it has to do with the eyes, but also with the
way he holds himself. His face is weird, he mocks his opponents at
every turn, he’s got a Very Strange sense of humor and loyalty, and
his posture always seems wrong, somehow. His neck is usually at an
angle, he just feels… off.

And the anime takes
that little factoid and runs with it.

animation is usually very, very smooth, you see. Tendou’s is not.

Dude is a twitchy
bastard. He moves erratically when he’s not actually playing. And
watching him this episode, combined with the voice, it took a while
for me to put my finger on what it is that makes it so unnerving.

The swaying, the twitching… you usually see that sort of thing in zombie movies. His animation is
basically that of a horror monster.

I mean, obviously
he’s being set up as the antagonist for the next episode. He is the
‘guess monster’ after all, but I never realized you could put that
level of detail into the way you make a character move.


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