And now for something completely different

Ok, so I literally found this half an hour ago and I played one round and I MUST rant about it.
There is an otome out there called Cute Demon Crashers! (the exclamation point is part of the title).


It’s a sex game, Jim, but not as we know it.

It’s basically about three incubi and one succubus crashing your house. They feed on sexual pleasure, you know where this is going.


Only you don’t, you really don’t.

It’s so positive? And so utterly female-centric? They cook you breakfast and play Mario Kart with you and talk about being ready and comfortable.


Also, it’s really, really funny.

And you can literally stop their advances at any time? This game basically ticks all those boxes I’m always privately ranting about: consent, comfort, cuddles, even condoms!


The sentence ‘no pressure’ is repeated way more than any porn I’ve ever seen.

I’ve left out the, uh, nsfw scenes, but it goes there and it’s utterly adorable and I never thought I’d write that sentence in a discussion about demon sex games.

Also, it is friggin free.


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