Saitama and Sonic and Genos and oh my


Ok, so I realize
none of you are here for this but silly free nsfw games are
apparently a thing I am very into at this moment in time, so let’s
just get this over with.

And let’s just put
the whole thing under a cut.

For the children.

There’s a game
called Deep Discount: Coupon Crisis!
It’s free and playing through it takes like half an hour for all paths.
It has Saitama and Genos preparing for sales
day at the grocery shop, and Sonic showing up to ruin things.

Also. possible nsfw things can happen (very, VERY nsfw, depending on your choices)

Also also: It is
one of the funniest things I’ve ever played.
The dialogue, mostly Saitama’s inner monologue, is really good. There is a point where I literally laughed so hard I went into death rattles. (I’m ok now,
I had some water).

gameplay is fairly limited as is usual with this sort of thing (see: free game), but the brilliance of
Deep Discount is that, if you play it with the blissfully unaware
mindset of an in-character Saitama, nothing will happen. You get your coupons and go to the store and eat your
dinner and you go to sleep.
It legitimately takes the mindset of a
person wanting porn to happen, to actually make stuff
happen and I appreciate that.

Even if you take
away the nice art and the game aspect, this is one of the better
written OPM fanfics out there.


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