On Love: Yuri on Ice (spoilers)


Those who saw episode 3 will no doubt recall the love story Yuuri envisioned for the skate program, of the handsome playboy who seduced all the women except one, how she eventually fell for him, and how he ultimately abandoned her.

I can’t help but wonder if this is distinct foreshadowing of events to come. But if we do see a retelling of the love story, this time between Victor and Yuuri, I don’t think it will be born out of malicious intent or the kind of crassness the playboy had.

There seems to be a trend of Victor forgetting things.

Yeah, you know, Vitya. You know…

I think what we may see is possibly the development of Yuuri and Victor’s relationship, and then something else catches Victor’s interest- not necessarily in the same way that Yuuri did (because he inspired Victor and has a crush on the pork cutlet bowl) but just something to cause Victor to up and leave.

Much like what he did to Yuri.

Indeed, I think the love story depicted by Yuuri may not only foreshadow things that will happen, but parallels things that have. It’s not in the same way it parallels Victor and Yuuri, but there are similarities.

The playboy pursued the affection of the lady. He laid out the conditions that he wanted her to fall for him. If she returns the feelings, they’d be together surely- because why else would be pursue her like that? Or so she’d probably reason.

Victor approaches Yuri and makes, or pursues a deal- if Yuri meets his conditions, he will coach him and provide him with winning choreography. Yuri comes to accept this and sets out to fulfill his end.

The woman in turn finally acknowledges the man’s advances and returns the affection. She fulfills her end.

And then the man leaves her.

And then Victor leaves Yuri.

This may not be an isolated incident either.

Now, I’ll absolutely grant that Yakov is angry and abrasive 80% of the time we see him, but it’s something to consider- is there anything behind his claims? If so, then Victor is definitely the playboy, and the cycle is in danger of repeating itself.

And so the love story was not only a display of beautiful animation and profound narrative thoughtfulness from Yuuri, but also possibly a framework for what has and will happen.

I say all this, however, with the firm belief that Yuuri will mark an end to that cycle.
“If you don’t have any inspiration left, you’re as good as dead.”

Yuuri is not just Victor’s inspiration, then, but his life. The drive to keep doing what he loves. Not only that, but there is a achingly obvious desire on Victor’s part to see Yuuri succeed. He’s blunt about it, but he insists he get back in shape so he has the best chance to succeed. It looks like in episode 4 he’s going to continue to insist Yuuri learn to see his own beauty and charm. He asks about his romantic life, wants to learn and do things that definitely go beyond the realm of what a coach would do, and offers subtle sources of support when Yuuri is distressed (that hug though).

So I think that tale of the playboy and the woman has been and will be played out, but will get a much happier ending. Perhaps Victor may make to leave, but how can that last long when his inspiration, his life, and the one he so wants to succeed is away from him? Victor isn’t a bad person. Quite the opposite. He indulges in life and all it has to offer; he’s creative, insightful, inspiring, wishes others success. If life has made his path cross with Yuuri’s, it is something he is bound to celebrate and embrace.


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