So here’s a little something I’ve been thinking about.

A writer support network (of sorts)

Is this a thing that sounds like a good idea? Does it exist already?
It would basically be a group chat or something where (fanfic) writey people lob ideas off each other and give honest critique of work.
As far as I know, most readers on, say ao3, don’t have the time and inclination to comment, and that is fine. But to get better, I really would like to ask specific questions and get, basically, constructive criticism.

And if I’m not the only one feeling like this, maybe we could open up the pool and basically become each other’s beta readers?
Whaddaya think?

Oh wow, I am not
alone in this ^_^ Maybe we can try to flesh it out a bit.

Fandom oriented or

I wouldn’t really
want to limit the type of work – fandom or original. Obviously it’s handy
if several
people know which fandom a fanfic is from, but you can see the merits of a
text, even if you’re not familiar with the characters (if
it grips someone who isn’t already pre-obsessed, you’re doing well).
Also, if it’s a subject you absolutely hate, no one would force you to
read it, I hope.

So how would we do

This network thing
would ideally be some chatroom/group where it’s easy for people to
hang out and link to stuff.
I don’t think IRC is a thing anymore?
(I suddenly feel *really* old).
Whatsapp isn’t that easy to type on
since it’s mostly mobile but maybe a Skype of Gmail group? Both have
the advantage that you could make a throwaway account to keep some
semblance of anonymity if you want (I don’t need my work mail to be linked to
basketball smut, tbh).
We may also need to put in some trigger
warnings for certain content to make sure everyone’s comfortable, and
maybe a general promise not to steal each other’s stuff, but that’s
basic internet etiquette.
Is there something else I’m forgetting?
It may just have to be something we try out to see where it goes.


@galaxmousey, @bittersweetoranges, @shslnotsogrump

Hi guys,
thanks for the input! It seems like Discord might be the common denominator here. I’m not familiar with it, but I’ll try and figure out if we can set something up this weekend.

Ok well that was ridiculously simple.
Let me know if you’re around and want to join and I’ll send you guys an invite link (they last for 30 minutes).


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