On Yuuri and food



So Yuri!!! on Ice, apart from the overarching gay theme and the, you know, ice skating or whatever, is very heavy on the food imagery. It’s one of Yuuri’s major weaknesses. We have the sexy katsudon bowls, but if you think about it, you are constantly seeing these characters eat. At the inn both Yuris and Victor are sitting around eating, there’s the hot pot restaurant, Guang Hong is introduced while eating, Yuri watches Georgi’s performance while angrily sipping milk (like a certain volleyball player we know), the commercial splashes are food… Basically there’s a lot of emphasis on food here for a show that is not a cooking anime.

The best part of this is that Yuuri’s fans are very aware of his love of food.
Check out this little still at the end of his performance in China.

You have probably already noticed the stuffed version of Victor’s poodle but…


That is definitely a stuffed egg sushi on the left. It’s like a non-kitty version of this.
And the one in the back looks like prawn sushi toy. On the right we see what might be a stuffed bird, or could be another fried prawn toy.
There is more:

I didn’t even know onigiri pillows existed but yup, they do.
Yuri’s fans know he’s a little foodie, so they throw him kawaii versions of food. If that is not the epitome of adorable and Japanese, I don’t know what is.

psssst literary theory nerd here

food/eating has been used in theatre plays for centuries as a metaphor for sex

like, everytime the characters on stage are eating together, it implies they should be fucking instead, if not for the censorship/propriety (bienséance); likewise, a feast often meant an orgy, esp in 17/18th century

so im not implying anything but i am implying everything

Coupled with the onsen scenes, the lip balm and Chris’ improbable costume, it sometimes feels like an exercise in how far a show can go without being labelled yaoi. Like they’re just stuffing in every piece of sensual imagery they can think of. And daring anyone to read into it.


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