Things I liked about that episode

Besides the obvious one.

Spoiler warning for episode 10.

  • Pichit
    owns a selfie stick. This friggin millennial
  • Yurio’s
    face whenever he’s near JJ
  • This
    picture (and how similar Chris and Victor are, dear god)
  • Otabek
    saving Yurio like some kind of knight in shining armour (Also: did he
    come to Barcelona and rent that bike? Who does that?)
  • Yurio
    made a friend!
  • Yuri
    paying in instalments.
    He does not have money for that shit.
  • Yurio,
    also, just gaining sets of parents every episode? Like this kid has
    so many parental figures it’s adorable.
  • Everyone
    just being friendly and having dinner together? Like how are these
    people so warm.
  • Pichit
    being the most supportive person on earth. He’s so happy for them!
  • Otabek.
    Just. Otabek.
  • No
    one likes JJ
  • Mila and Sara made it to the final! Yay!
  • Georgi
    dating! (go you!)
  • Drunk Dance Off
  • Yuri
    being able to pole dance when drunk enough (wtf? He’s, like,
    surprisingly good)
  • This
    picture gives me life
  • Yuri
    not remembering that he asked Victor to be his coach.
    Yuri actually
    asking Victor to be his coach. Yuri.asking.Victor. And not
    remembering. (I can’t get over this because it explains why he
    suddenly showed up in Japan).
  • Also:
    that means Yuri won the dance-off (which, looking at the pictures, is
    only fair)

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