So. Yuuri drank at least 16 glasses of champagne.

I know nothing about alcohol, but uh… does this mean that Yuuri isn’t a lightweight and just drank too much?

The alcohol content of a glass of champagne is 12% alcohol by volume, which is fairly high for a wine related beverage, and most champagne flutes will hold about 6 ounces (~177 ml). Most pours of champagne, especially at a big party, will only be 4 ounces (~118 ml) to let the bubbles rise and control cost, etc.

Let’s assume these are 4 ounce (~118 ml) pours. Yuuri drank 16 of these, which is 64 ounces, or a gallon. That’s roughly ~2 liters of alcohol. Even for a heavyweight, drinking so much will heavily inebriate you, if not make you completely sick.

So I feel like it’s safe to say Yuuri got, in layman’s terms, completely shit faced drunk.


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