Hi @bittersweetoranges

This is a cute idea! I’m
basing myself on the first one, since I played that, but I did take a
few liberties.

For those not in the know: Rune Factory is a
fantasy version of Harvest Moon, so you farm and woo the local
populace, but you also go down into the caves to fight monsters and
then employ them, pokemon style, to water your crops or lay eggs (or
fight for you). It’s a cool game!

Yachi is the half elf that
picks up your main character, dying and suffering from amnesia, and
lets them have a farm to get back on their feet. She’s a nervous
little thing, but she’s friendly and easily swayed if you give her
enough cute things. Has a vast amount of knowledge about the caves
below the town, and will happily explain how to get started as an
adventurer, before growing pale and wondering if you’ll die down

Tsukkishima is the son of
the town librarian. He basically lives between the books and has read
all of them, some twice. Will give the main character advice, though always in a snarky manner.
He takes a long time to warm up to you but handing him strawberries is an excellent way to
unlock a secondary ice spell. 

Yamaguchi runs the general
store when his parents are out. He’s a little shy, and admires your
adventuring ways a lot. He kinda wishes he could join you but has yet
to work up the courage. Has a huge crush on Yachi, and he will get
sad and slightly passive aggressive if you end up dating and marrying
her. There’s a side quest where you can get these two to finally own
up to things, by giving her flowers and pretending they’re from him,
and then locking them up in a chicken coop for three hours. It’s…
it’s complicated.

Hinata is a local
adventurer, who is not too good at adventuring. You find him during
your first foray into the caves, getting cornered by some low level rabbits. When you free him from this predicament, he’ll start
gushing at you and follow you around wherever you go. His stature
means he can reach places you can’t, both by crouching through
tunnels or by jumping onto ledges. Handy companion to have. Also: literal sunlight boy.

Kageyama is the mayor’s
son and a bit of a stuck-up kid. He’s an amazing sword fighter and he
doesn’t see why you have so much trouble getting through those caves,
you noob. If he did it, they would have been cleared by now. Sadly,
he’s not allowed to venture too far, so he settles for sparring with
you and being generally jealous (he will never tell you that, though). And do I even have to say it? S Milk. Daily S Milk is the key to
this boy’s heart.


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