Hi @snapdragon-princess!

You’re the first. Here

I think you’d get along
fabulously with Pichit!
This boy is so pure and he would support
you in all the things you do.He has a fairly decent grasp on empathy, so he won’t push you too much. Since he’s used to Yuuri, he knows what it’s like to fear mistakes and changes, even if he himself is utterly fearless. He’ll definitely try to coax you out of your shell, maybe try to get you to come to one of his banquets, or to a festival, but he’ll keep your pace in mind.

Date idea

We all know he loves a bit
of sight seeing, and he loves taking pictures, so for an ideal date
with you, I think he would take you somewhere beautiful.

He excitedly texts you to
meet him at the station on a set time and he comes to pick you up
there like the gentleman he is, bag of treats and some drinks already in
hand. Walking you to your destination, he’ll ask you about your day
and then proceeds to tell you about his latest adventures and the
updates his friends sent him (“Can you believe Victor got drunk and
nearly stripped in the middle of St Petersburg? Again?”).
you can honestly tell when you’re about to reach the location,
because his smile keeps getting bigger and he looks so excited when
he finally ducks into a side street and pulls you through a gate and you find yourself in a small park you didn’t know existed.

It’s calm, mostly known to dog walkers and the occasional elderly
jogger, and it’s absolutely gorgeous in the afternoon light. He glows
with pride at having found it (using Google Satellite) and shows you
around before proceeding to take ALL the selfies. He won’t force you
to be in them but he will try and get, like, a
picture of your hands brushing each other, just because he’s secretly a sap and also because he wants to show his date off a little. He does have a tendency to start conversation with random passers-by about the history of the place, and if he feels you’re comfortable enough, he’ll try and get you involved; Maybe if you distract the dog walker, he gets to pet the puppy!
Then he’ll sit on a bench with you and just.. chat, shoulders
touching, until it gets too dark or too cold.


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