even though I’m in my mid 20’s). I’m very passionate at the ONE thing
I’m interested in (one interest at a time), I’m too perceptive
sometimes to the point of being cynical and untrusting. Despite my
childlike tendencies I’m a deep person and thinks and feels maturely.
I think a lot about philosophical ideas. I get hurt or bothered too
easily even if the words spoken aren’t even meant to be negative.
Very irritable and moody and most of the time gets really annoyed
when things don’t go my way. Stubborn. Gets cold and distant when
angry or not in the mood. Very low self-esteem, socially awkward and
lacking in the communication department (I can’t maintain a
conversation apart from the basic greetings!), I’m a loner, quiet (I
can for days without talking to anyone and it doesn’t bother me),
likes to have my personal space without being bothered or demanded of
my time or company, although when it’s a festive mood or I’M in the
mood I’m really talkative if it’s someone I’m comfortable with
(family, friends). I’m cowardly and doesn’t want to step out of my
comfort zone; avoids fears and confrontations as much as possible by
escaping realities (I drown myself in my favorite anime), worrier.
Dramatic. I’m single-minded to the point of being obsessed; I can
only be interested in one thing at a time but when I am, that’s the
only thing I ever think about. But I have short attention span so I
get swayed easily so my loyalty changes as well. My behavior towards
people totally depends on their attitude. If someone is nice I tend
to be much nicer and totally under their command, but if they do
something negative to me or even to other people, the positive
feelings I have are totally negated and even though they weren’t even
being mean to ME I tend to show my bad side to them (I stop talking
to them, glaring). Too much pride, I don’t like people to see my
crying or being hurt, I don’t apologize first (if I even). I hold
grudges, although I don’t tell people what my problem with them is.
They see me being angry, but they can’t tell why. Always appear to
have a no-care attitude and absorbed in my own world, but deep inside
I care a lot (deep inside, but I barely let those caring feelings
out). I like someone who shares my interests, someone who can
understand me deeply. I don’t like judgmental, arrogant, unfair
people. My hobbies are reading, writing, watching anime and horror
movies, sleeping, daydreaming, surfing the net, and listening to
music. I grew up being a ‘child’ all the time so it’s already my
nature (like I can literally roll or lay sprawled on the ground or
jump around the house and it’s an everyday normal thing for me, I
speak babyishly, too – except when I’m outside or with people I
don’t know), but everyone in the family and relatives know I’m a
baby. I’m very simple, conservative, and reserved. I don’t have
interests in girly things like make-up, dresses, fashion, bags,
shoes. I’m an otaku and my interests are anime and writing,
J/K-pop,collecting manga and action figures of my fave anime.

This may sound weird at first, but I think you would make a
great couple with Takao Kazunari!

is, canonically, good with children and we’ve seen that the man would
have infinite patience with your more tsundere tendencies. That stuff
slides off him like water off a good natured duck. He also has no problems with your
obsessive personality, going with the flow of whatever your latest
hobby is. In return, he’ll want you to come watch him, as well.
He likes that you’re spontaneous and make him feel all
responsible, because despite his boisterous personality, he kinda
wants to be a protector. His first instinct would probably be to act
as a buffer for you in social situations, just breaking the tension
with a well place, if stupid, joke. What I get from your description
is that you’re very hard on yourself and he’s emphatic enough to see
that as well. So while he makes little jabs at your expense (he can’t
help himself, really), he will also, almost incessantly, try to build
you up with little silly (or serious) compliments, and he’ll coax you
to try new, fun things, always with him by your side, of course.


For Takao, a perfect evening involves weirdness. Especially if you’re
just having a night in. Since you started dating him, he’s made you
watch ‘The Lift’, a horror movie about a demonic elevator, ‘Sint’,
about a demonic santa, ‘Tokyo Gore Police’, ‘Birdemic’ and every
instance of ‘Troll’ he could find (He wouldn’t stop laughing at the
“They’re eating him, oh my god” scene and you legit thought you’d
lost him for a second there. It was the scariest part of the whole
This evening, he walks into your house with some snacks
and an excited gleam in his eyes.
“Look!” he says, “I
finally found it! It’s a classic!”
What it is, is ‘Manos, the
hands of Fate’, supposedly the worst horror movie ever made, and you
have no idea how he managed to get his hands on what looks like a
legitimate dvd of the film. He spends the evening cuddled on the
couch with you, giggling and occasionally trying to scare you, since
the movie isn’t doing a good job on this front. Once it’s done, he lets you pick the next one, so you can get some actual


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