Hi @bittersweetoranges​!
don’t kill me but I match you with Oikawa Tooru.


two of you are the salt squad, quietly judging rude people with
nothing but a shared look.
He likes your passion and he understands
the struggles of trying to be everything you could be. What he
admires in you is your restraint and the quiet confidence in knowing
your limits. This is something he himself has issues with, so it
gives him pause to see people who can handle this better than him.

Most of all, this man loves to hear himself talk. Having someone that
will casually listen to him without pouting all the time (like
Iwaizumi does) means the world to him. 
Oikawa has polished and
perfected the mask that he uses in public, but with the people he trusts,
he will be honest, and he can be very blunt. He knows the value of dignity and outward
images so he won’t pry too much into your inner world, unless you
open up to him first. He will, however, absolutely make gentle jabs
at you. All the time. You know he’s comfortable with you once he
starts doing that


af you say?

calls you over to visit his dorm during the holidays, at a time when the
university is almost empty. It’s cold and rainy, and you’ve been looking forward to cuddles, so you’re rightfully a bit
miffed when you come up to his room to find it locked, with a
note stuck to the door. It’s a random riddle that leads you three
flights up, to the storage cabinet, where there’s another note. Four
riddles later, and after enlisting the help of a couple of students
that were still around to cram, you finally find him in the
downstairs kitchen. He’s wearing an apron and standing in front of a
large counter full of ingredients, waving at you.
__-chan! Took you long enough. I didn’t know the riddles would be
that hard for you.”
He greets you with a smile, and before you
can punch him he hugs you, puts you in a – matching – apron and
shoves a steaming mug of coffee into your hands.
Then he comments on
how adorable you look until you stop glaring at him.
baking!” he eventually explains. “I was thinking cut-out cookies
and maybe some milk bread?”
He excitedly goes over the recipes
with you and it turns out he’s pretty decent in the kitchen. He will,
however, try to tease you. He absolutely does the thing where he puts
flour on your nose just so you’d wrinkle it and the two of you may
end up in a miniature food fight because of this.  
The main
problem comes when the cookies are out of the oven and you’re
decorating. You are very into the art part and Oikawa is an
incurable perfectionist so any and all cookies that are not up to par
are destroyed (read ‘eaten’) before they can bring shame upon the two
of you.
This amounts to like 80 percent of them.

“Maybe next time we should make stew instead?”


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