Happy Christmas to you too!
Well this got out of hand.


  • I’ve
    seen this mentioned before, but I really like the thought: Aomine
    being a champion of women’s rights because he has seen how Momoi is
    treated, or even harassed, for the way she looks.
  • When
    they go shopping together, ostensibly for shoes for him, Momoi will
    sometimes have him help her pick outfits. The trick is knowing the
    difference between “Whatever” and “Are you really gonna wear
    that? Whatever.” The first one means it looks good.
  • Momoi
    and Aomine study together and she’s the only reason he even makes it
    through the year. His grades are still awful though, because he
    honestly does not care.
  • Momoi
    has been playing basketball with Aomine since she was little and
    she’s actually really good. If she were in a ‘normal’ team, she’d
    probably be an ace. She just doesn’t know it, because the only
    people she plays with are the Generation of Miracles, and they make
    anyone look like an amateur.


  • While
    these two have always cared for each other, it takes them a long
    time to even consider the possibility of being romantic. Daichan is
    more like Momoi’s brother, and Aomine never even considers Satsuki
    in a romantic way until Imayoshi points put that they’d probably be
    good together. It’s a sentiment several of the Miracles have felt at
    some point or other, but they, at least, were diplomatic enough not
    to comment. Imayoshi does not have these qualms.
  • There’s
    this really awkward phase for a while, where Aomine’s mind starts
    wrapping around the thought of Satsuki as a woman. It involves much
    blushing because holy crap she’s exactly his type.
  • At
    first Aomine tries to pull away from her. If she comes to wake him
    up on the roof, instead of whining, he’ll freak the fuck out. The
    gears in his head are still slowly adjusting to the new situation
    and he is Not Ready.
  • This
    confuses the hell out of Momoi, who complains to her female friends
    about how he’s so mean and why is he not more like Kuroko. Her
    friends patiently, ever so patiently
    sit her down to talk about her unreturned crush. “You’re telling
    me you like him because he gave you a free popsicle? Didn’t Aomine
    get you that teddybear once?” Ahh, but Daichan doesn’t count.
  • It
    comes to a head when the Miracles have one of their joint
    street games and Aomine just reacts very weirdly to Momoi trying to
    steal the ball from him. Finally Kise (because of course it’s Kise)
    just goes up and is all ‘What’s up with you Aominecchi, are you in
    lurrve with – ACK’. He gets a ball to the face.
  • Aomine
    finally sits her down that night to explain the situation. It takes
    Momoi a few more weeks to answer him.
  • Once
    they’ve finally made the decision, though, it feels natural. Like
    they’re still best friends, only now there’s kissing.


  • Aomine
    loves, loves, LOVES watching movies or napping while draped over
    Momoi. More often than not he’ll try to nuzzle her chest. This boy
    is so happy that he finally has a set of boobs to play with.
  • Momoi absent-mindedly running her fingers through his hair while reading
    when they’re on the couch like that.
  • Aomine
    is – by far – the better cook, but he makes a terrible mess.
    After a few fights about this, they come to the agreement that he
    cooks, she cleans, and he has to promise to at least try to limit
    the amount of sauce on the ceiling. They eat out a lot though.
  • Aomine
    remembers Momoi’s birthday, but he’s terrible at gift giving.
    Momoi makes sure to text her wish list to Kuroko, Kagami, Kise and
    even Sakurai several weeks in advance of any event, because she
    knows he’ll ask a friend for inspiration.
  • Momoi
    knows Aomine is a man of simple tastes, so she just gets
    him new shoes or a game or something. He’s fine with this.
  • Momoi
    is confident enough to not get anxious about his love for gravure
    magazines but she refuses to buy them for him. He’ll just have to
    get those himself.
  • Aomine
    goes for morning runs and Momoi makes sure there’s hot coffee or tea
    waiting when he gets back. This gives him such a feeling of well-being that the
    tips of his ears go red.
  • When
    Momoi has a lot of work, he will do his best to return the favour.
    She’ll walk into the kitchen and there’s a random batch of cherries
    in the fridge, or dinner is cooked and the counter has been –
    badly – wiped. None of this is ever spoke of.

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