Hi nonny!
I would match you with
Sugawara Kouchi!

You had him at
‘horrible sappy romantic’, to be honest, because while Suga is a
bad-ass volleyball strategist and a smart-mouth that can take on the
likes of Tendou, he’s also very into things like roses and cuddles.
Suga is perceptive as all hell, and he does not judge people at first
glance, so he will have probably observed you for a bit before making
his move, knowing full well that you are, in fact, a cutie.

Date idea

Suga is legit the kind of
guy who would take you on beach strolls, but today he’s decided that
you’re doing something different. He shows up at your doorstep with a
big empty bag over his shoulder and an apologetic look in his eyes.

“I need your help”, he says.
When you ask him what with, the
only answer is a desperate “I can’t choose!”
So you put on your coat
and follow him to the train station and onto the train. He’s the type
to lean in and softly nuzzle your hair in public places, and that’s
exactly what he does while you chat away about your latest
adventures. When you finally get off the train, you’re in the
suburbs, a ways out of town and you’re walking towards a massive
nursery and garden centre.
Ah, that’s what was going on. You guys have fun walking through the
aisles, wandering from weird cactus to pretty orchid, trying to pick
plants that would survive his dorm room. He then proceeds to buy
entirely too many. This includes two different varieties of super hot
pepper plants and you make a mental note to always taste test
anything he cooks for you before taking any big bits.
Meanwhile, he gets you a pot of
african violets that he says remind him of your eyes. Because he’s a


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