That’s plenty specific, thanks 🙂 I hope you like them!

  • Ok but for starters:
    Kise in the most fashionable ugly christmas sweater you’ve ever
    seen. He looks good. Really good. Even with the smiling reindeer on
    his chest. No idea how he does it.
  • There are at least
    three blankets around Kise and his s/o as they’re cuddled up on the
    couch. There is eggnog, cookies and KFC. And a box of tissues, in
    case either tears up at The Snowman (it’s probably Kise).
  • When the power cuts
    out, halfway through Home Alone, both of them sit there in the dark
    in quiet shock for a few seconds before s/o starts freaking out.
  • The blankets, while
    warm, are not great in a situation like this. Kise struggles to get
    out of his cocoon, not helped by the panicked flailing of his
    beloved. His first instinct is to calm them down, rubbing their back
    and reassuring them that he will figure out what’s going on.
  • He will ask s/o to
    come with him to investigate. Not because he’s afraid of the dark, oh no, but so they’re not alone in the living
    room. Grabs their hand and does not let go.
  • Will use cell phone
    to light his way to the utility closet.
  • Kise does not know
    the first thing about electrical boxes. He just sort of squints at
    it and pouts.
  • Googles ‘electrical
    box’ on his phone.
  • Somewhere in all
    this, Kise has entered Serious Mode. You can tell because his eyes
    have gone a shade darker.
  • If it is determined that the power cut cannot be fixed with the
    switches inside the house, the both of them shuffle to the front window
    to see if it’s a street wide problem.
  • Kise calls the power
    company, voice like syrup, to see when power will come back.
  • It’s a black-out.
    “This calls for candles!” He’s visibly excited by the prospect, not in the least because he owns a mass of tealights and scented candles that his sisters keep giving him.
  • By the time he’s
    grabbed them from his bedroom and lighted them in the living room,
    the power comes back on.
  • *pout*
  • Compromises by
    watching the rest of the movies by candlelight, leaving the hallway
    light on to reassure s/o.
  • “Am I your knight in shining armour now?”

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