Hi @yoyume!

For you, I’d pick Tadashi

This wasn’t actually
that hard, because you guys are practically kindred spirits.
Yamaguchi loves your excitement and just really wants to be one of
those people that you adore. And while this boy has
learned to steel himself in matches, he knows exactly what it is to
be insecure and freaking out, and he also knows what to do when you
feel that way. He’ll try to leave you be, maybe coming in with a hot
drink and a soft squeeze of your arm to let you know he’s there for
you. And since neither of you are very into ‘heavy’ drama (it’s not
good for his nerves, poor boy), he’ll be happy to watch silly game
shows with you.

Date idea

You can kinda tell where
this is going when Yamaguchi texts you before your date, telling you
to bring a flash light and to dress warmly. He shows up with a
backpack, a slightly nervous smile and a folder for ‘Open night at
the Observatory’.
When you travel there, you find it a bit
crowded. The place has attracted quite a few older enthusiasts, some other couples and then a whole bunch
of families with overenthusiastic children. You listen to the head of
the observatory talk about black holes and astronauts while the kids
ooh and aah. Then you get in line to use the giant telescope and take a closer look at Mars. At least one person claims to see aliens
waving back at them.
Once you’ve had your fill, Yamaguchi takes
you outside and walks you further down the hill, to a clearing where
he finally unpacks his backpack. Contents: one thermos of hot coffee,
one blanket to sit on, a couple of those snapping heating pads and a
tablet with the Night Sky app on it.


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