consider myself more introverted as even tho i enjoy being social and
talking to people, i get tired out very easily by long conversations.
i am very easily irritated but i tend to usually just be grumpy if
things don’t go my way, and i’m stubborn as hell. i have really bad
moodswings and something even going slightly wrong will kill my mood.
i enjoy watching arguments and can handle insults but if someone i
care about insults me i tend to withdraw. i’m
very distrusting when i get to know people and if someone breaks my
trust it’ll be hard for me to trust them again. i hold grudges but
avoid confrontation so usually don’t let people know i’m still mad at
them. i have a terrible sense of self and am normally pretty insecure
and need constant reassurance i’m doing the right thing. i enjoy
acting, writing and drawing. i also play the violin, clarinet and
piano. manners are very important to me. i’m super uncomfortable if
people pry into my life and extremely paranoid. i tend to bottle
things up but if someone i care about asks me how i am i tend to vent
a ton. i pride myself of being a reliable shoulder for someone to cry
on and vent to. i tend to be extremely cold to those i dislike. i’m
also VERY forgetful and easily distracted so sometimes i forget what
i was doing mid-conversation, and i can;t remember to do things that
i’m supposed to. thank you! also
thought i should add i usually joke around a lot and use a toooooooon
of sarcasm!! i can be very high energy at times and a bit of a pest
but other times i’m more chill, aaa. this is the last ask whOOOPS

Hi  pan bsd anon 🙂

I hope you can handle
mobsters, because out of the BSD characters, I think you’d match best
with Chuuya Nakahara.


Now, almost all the BSD’s
are messed up in some way, but Chuuya is the kind of messed up that
works well with you. He is a man who values trust and loyalty, and
the guy holds a grudge like nobody’s business. In that regard you are
pretty much equals. He’s also an extremely confident man, safe in his
status and his abilities so that he won’t take any mood swings or irritation on your
part personally. He will be the calm rock you can vent to,
there with a warm arm and a kiss to your forehead. He expects the
same from you, if it’s been the kind of day where Q has been
rampaging. Or worse, if he ran into Dazai.
In you, he admires
your artistic side. He has a great respect for and interest in your works
and he loves hearing you play. Sometimes he’ll just quietly slip into
the room while you practice, glass of wine in hand, and sit there
listening. It relaxes him.
I do, however, think you’d have a wild
sort of relationship. Expect a bunch of fights. Chuuya is a hothead
and he doesn’t understand why you’re so insecure. If you’re his s/o,
that automatically means you’re awesome and you should just accept
that. If you’re both irritated, there may be Words, and if it
escalates he’ll leave to cool off and mope somewhere. The make-out
session when he comes back makes up for it, though.

Date idea

I have three words for
you: gravity defying dancing.
Chuuya really likes the idea of retro dates and he enjoys flaunting his wealth and status. So when he
takes you out, your first stop is a nice restaurant, where you’re
either alone, or have a room to yourselves. He tries to avoid being
seen in public with you, to make sure you don’t become a target for
his enemies. For the same reason, there’s a number of beefy men in
black suits by the doors, who you recognize as his most trusted
subordinates. Because while he has faith in his skills, he also wants
to make sure nothing happens to you while he’s busy breaking shit.

After dinner, he takes you to the next location, grinning to
himself all the way, because he’s super pleased with having come up
with this. It’s an old dining hall. One of those fancy ones, with art
deco chandeliers on the ceiling and too much marble on the floor. It
has been cleared of tables, the only thing left being a stereo
system. He got you your own ballroom for the night.
You guys play
the music you like and dance the night away. Chuuya especially likes
to slow dance with you, because it makes him feel all manly. He
actually has a way with some of the more formal dances, like the
waltz, and he will love you forever if you wear flats for this.
here’s the thing with Chuuya: he’s super fit and can go on forever,
but if you get tired, he will literally make you float. You’ve never
been swept off your feet quite like this.


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