I love rainy weather and I’m a very chill about most things, but if
something pisses me off I hold grudges. I’m a pretty emotional person
but I tend to hide most things. Thanks! (2/2)

Hi nonny!
This was a toughie, but I
think you’d match best with Altin Otabek.

Otabek sees a lot of
himself in you. He’s a pretty stoic guy, who won’t get confused by
the fire burning underneath your calm exterior. He knows exactly what
that’s like. Furthermore, he’s very straightforward, which means he
can handle your anxiety well. You know what you’re into with him, you
know he won’t play games and you can trust him to be honest with you.
The only downside is that he may not always laugh at your jokes. His
deadpan face is, well, deadpan. You’ll soon learn whether he thinks
you’re actually funny or not, but he doesn’t need you to be, to like you.

Date idea

Otabek picks you up on his
motor cycle, because no matter where he is, he will at least rent
one. The guy likes driving, ok? But he also likes being a proper, old
school gentleman, even if you’ve been dating for a while, so he takes
you out to dinner. He chooses something quiet, like a diner or a
simple Italian restaurant.  The
kind of place that makes heaven out of three or four ingredients.

Nothing too fancy, because he hates
getting three different forks and he doesn’t like how the waiters
keep interrupting when he’s trying to just listen to you talk.
Then it’s off to the main
event. Otabek knows your tastes, and if I’m honest, he never really
fully stops working, so he takes you to a modern dance performance.
Think something like Rosas.Maybe the type that uses
projections and all kinds of extras.
But you can see his face
literally light up when he watches the dance moves, completely
entranced and probably calculating in his head if he can incorporate
something like that in his own routines. On the way home, he talks much more than usual. About
the ferociousness and the cleanliness of the movements, and did you feel the
barely restrained power behind it? Otabek is someone who really
expresses his inner self through movement, so he’ll be really happy
if you inspire him by giving him some pointers on your favourite


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