I think, out of all the
characters, you and Mila Babicheva would be most compatible.

You guys would have so
much fun together. Mila is kind and optimistic, like you, and she
understands what it’s like to work hard. Furthermore, she won’t be
the least bit phased by your cold attitude when you two first meet.
To her, it’s like a challenge to get at what’s behind the mask.

Date idea

Mila works hard, but she
also plays hard. On a warm summer’s day, she’ll take you to a music
festival. Depending on your tastes, this could be a dance festival or
something on the heavier rock spectrum. Mila’s tastes are Very Eclectic, so she’ll like it either way.
She brings the plastic tarp and
the rubber boots, you bring the sandwiches. You guys set up shop a
little ways away from the podium, where you can rest and watch in
between bouts of jumping up and down and screaming.

Please know that if there
is a mosh pit, Mila will be in it, and she will try to get you to
join. Same thing with mud fights. By evening the both of you will be
sitting on the tarp that doubles as your home base, dead
tired but feeling oddly light, and covered head to toe in dirt. Good
luck getting back.


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