Hi @leeva-z-kai!
for you, I choose Ennoshita Chikara

is a calm, responsible rock of a man with a slight propensity for
laziness. This meshes rather well with the whole ‘sitting quietly
together’ bit. He’ll be slightly worried once you go ‘wild’, but it’s
nothing he can’t handle, considering his experience with the likes of
Noya and Tanaka. He trusts you enough to assume that you won’t get
into too much trouble, and is patient enough to handle having to
explain to the nice police officer why you’re upside down in a tree.
of course, there’s the main reason you guys get along so well: your
common interests. Ennoshita can talk film with you for HOURS and he
would highly appreciate your expertise and advice on setting, props
and costumes for the films he’s making. He has a lot of respect for
your dedication to your many hobbies, given the amount of time he
spends on his, so he tries to carve time out for the both of you to
just hang out.


takes you to a con. Of the whole comics, games, sci-fi, anime and
assorted nerd stuff variety. Mostly because he thinks you guys will
have fun there, but also, maybe, because he wants to get an autograph
from Andrej Tarkovsky, who is meant to make an appearance.
actually Very Nervous about meeting the guy, and he keeps checking
the program and the map, to make sure he doesn’t miss the panel with
him in it, and definitely doesn’t miss the scheduled autograph
Other than that, he’s cool with whatever. He’ll dress up
if you’re cosplaying and want him to join, but don’t expect anything
too flashy. Think more ‘man in black’, less ‘papier maché full
bodied Bowser’. Maybe in time he’ll warm up to slightly more involved
costumes, like, say, Ichi the Killer, but for now just give him a
suit and a pair of glasses. He looks cool in them.
The most fun
you’ll have with him is probably when you’re wandering the stalls,
checking out the merchandise, and you can see him light up at all the
weird bobbleheads and old movie posters. I just hope you brought a
big bag to carry it all back.


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