hello! I just wanted to say I read all your character analyses and they were so spot on yano The Real Deal. I was wondering if you were planning on writing more of those? like maybe Semi or Moniwa? or maybe the grown ups? thanks so much for writing!!

Hello Nonny!

thank you 🙂
To answer your question:

  • Moniwa already exists though he got buried under the mass of Datekou stuff
  • I keep saying I’ll make more, and I swear there’s like a half written Kageyama one that has been in my drafts for… a year.
  • The one with the most chance of actually appearing is probably Tendou, since I’m working on a fic for him and he’s hard to figure out and I may as well do something with that research.

New chapter

The Lock, the Key and the Sacrifice has been updated.

It’s a bit long, and quite stuffed, because I wanted to get all the fluff out of the way before the big battle scene.
Featured in this chapter:

  • Mild BokuAka cuteness
  • Shimada cameo!

  • AsaNoya fluff
  • Property destruction

  • KageHina being shifty
  • Just… so much KuroDai
  • Mild implied sex!
  • Way more political references and layers of truth than are strictly necessary for a fanfic about magic volleyball children

Check it out.

Anime food: making katsudon (if you don’t really know what you’re doing)

I swear haven’t suddenly become a cooking blog, but after watching Yuri
On Ice for the fourth time, I really want to know what this is all

I went ahead and tried making it, and because I was relaying to some friends on Discord, there
are pictures.

Some of them are pretty.

YoI is making me abandon my lifelong fear
of frying things, so read on if you want to see how that went.

How to cook katsudon 101

up: pretend you’re a proper cooking blog and accumulate all your
ingredients beforehand. This is so you don’t have to skitter around
your kitchen while things are frying and possibly burning.

basing myself on this recipe, with a few differences:

  • mine has peas, Katsuki style (*insert
    complicated hand gesture*)
  • also, I’m substituting sake with wine
  • and I’ll be shallow frying (because seriously? Which
    single chick owns a deep fryer? Not this one)

That makes the recipe as follows (for two portions):


  • 2-3 thin pork chops or pork steaks (the boneless kind)
  • salt and pepper
  • flour
  • panko
  • 1 egg
  • about a cup of frying oil

Sauce (make the sauce again for the second portion)

  • 1/3 c dashi stock (I’m dissolving dashi granules in 1/3c water)
  • 1 Tbsp soy sauce
  • ½ Tbsp sugar
  • ½ Tbsp wine vinegar
  • ½ Tbsp mirin
  • 1 extra egg
  • like a thin slice of nori to make it look fancy (optional)

The Rest

  • 1 cup of rice
  • 1,5 cups of peas
  • 1 small onion
  • salt or a bouillon cube

also, it may be at this point that you need to gently distract your
very own Yurio.

interested in the little piggy, ok?

get cracking with the easy bits.

Make the rice (I’m using a rice cooker so I don’t
have to worry about that part failing).
For the peas, chop the onion and glaze it in a teaspoon of oil. Then dump in the frozen peas, add a little water and like a third
of a bouillon cube.
Put the lid on and turn the heat to low. It’ll take care of itself.

The meat.
Firstly, scratch the hell out of that meat.
Cut it
like it’s that ex who cheated on you.
Using the tip of a knife,
make some shallow cuts and then rub salt and pepper all over that
poor pork chop.
Really get the salt into those cuts. That’ll teach

the breading part, let’s get some kind of workstation going.

flour, egg and panko (right to left, because my kitchen is dumb).

Flour the pork chop, then dunk it in the
egg mixture, and finally coat it in panko.
Messy, but easy.

to the scary part.

mentioned, I do not have a deep fryer, but I do have an iron pan and
a lack of self preservation.

also have a really old stove. Don’t judge me.

main thing to know about shallow frying is to use the right oil, and
We’re frying the tonkatsu at 350° F/175°C, which is Stay
the Fuck Away levels of hot.
So make sure the oil can handle that
heat. Something like virgin olive oil cannot, for instance. I’m just
using plain sunflower oil.
Also: tongs. Ikea has them. They’re
cheap AF.
Yes, the plastic ones. No, they don’t melt.

You’ll know the oil is hot enough by dropping in some leftover panko, or the back of a wooden spoon. If it starts bubbling immediately, you’re good to go.

also safe to mention here that halfway through the second pork
chop, my oil started overheating (and turning everything black), so I had to take it off the burner
and add some cold oil.


everything turned out fine in the end.

Don’t panic, just cool it down a little.
You can do this.

The sauce.

And may I just add that this sauce is the best thing
It’s got that sweet and salty thing going that is pretty
damn amazing.

the dashi, the sugar, soy
sauce, mirin and vinegar to another pan.
This, in case you were
wondering, is one of those recipes that takes up half of your

said pan on the stove and break some eggs. I’m using what egg is left
from breading, and adding another one.

While you wait for the sauce to heat up, also cut your tonkatsu into strips.
the sauce boil and thicken a little, then add the meat and the egg.

btw, looks kinda gross.

worth it though, because:




So here’s the thing: this tastes
really, REALLY good.
Like, heart mouth good.
I can see why it would win over certain dramatic Russian skater boys, and be a stand-in for all kinds
of Yuri-feelings.

This is legit a very, very nice dish.

To the point where I’m gonna have to start making it more often.
Why is it that I needed a gay ice
skating show to discover this?

It’s well worth a try, guys.

Now how do I shove this into a

hello! i’ve been reading your character posts and absolutely loving your insight and prose :)) please ignore this if it’s late but I saw your bokuto’s number post and I love your basketball headcanon; although I did see a factoid in bo’s wikia page that said the #4 is traditionally worn by the team’s ace (like iwaizumi) and the reason bo wears it is because although he’s captain and would usually wear #1, he’s even prouder to be the ace (therefore he wears the #4).

Hello nonnie!

You are of course correct. When I made that speculation post it wasn’t really known yet, but it has since been revealed (I think in the manga? I’m not sure if that has made it into the anime yet) that Bokuto wears the ace number, rather than the captain number.
Part of the theory still holds tho, in that Bokuto isn’t the most captainy of captains, since his Ace status is more important to him.
As far as I know, Furudate sensei has yet to enlighten us on his weird choice of kneepads 🙂

When watching an anime

Normal people: Oh! The story is great. I wonder what would happen next?
Seiyuu fans: Omg this voice is familiar! I know this! *pauses video to check internet* OMG I KNEW IT! I WAS RIGHT! I wonder who voiced this other one…

Uh, guys?

Guys. It’s ok.

He’s not… he’s not dead, bros.

Why are you giving him a eulogy?

He’s literally… he didn’t even fall off his bike or anything. He’s not hurt.

Guys, I can’t stress this enough.


Let’s do a tag thing

Hello, hi,
I was tagged by @littlecrow-headcanons. Thank you!

random facts about myself:

  • I own a cat bed shaped like a
    shark and it is my fondest purchase.
  • Technically, I was taught how to
    belly dance, though I only know like two moves.
  • Also on my list of weird skills:
    fencing and stage fencing, which are completely different. One
    entails very formally going backwards and forwards. With the other
    you get to swing from chandeliers while reciting witticisms (note: I
    have personally never swung from any chandeliers).
  • One time I got lost in a bog in
    Scotland and my friend and I spent the entire afternoon making morbid jokes
    about bog bodies. It is still one of my favourite adventure stories.
  • Just being in the presence of
    chocolate makes me want it, which is annoying because I live in
    Chocolate Country.
  • I’m a fairly polite and calm
    person, except when playing video games (at which point I scream
    barely coherent gibberish and also very coherent insults at my
  • I have a hard time keeping plants
  • Spiders freak me the hell out and
    I will throw cat treats at them (to summon the cat, not to, uh,
    bludgeon them with treats).
  • When desperate, I will eat Nutella
    from the jar with a spoon.
  • I wrote my graduating thesis on
    the meta narrative in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. This topic
    was picked solely on the basis that it gave me an excuse to read a
    lot of Terry Pratchett.


  • Sousuke
    / Rin (Free) is the first ship that ever sailed for me and the
    reason I’m in this mess
  • Mustang
    / Hawkeye (Full Metal Alchemist)
  • Kuroo
    / Anyone (Haikyuu)
  • Bakugou
    / Kirishima / Kaminari (Boku no Hero Academia): This is entirely @franeridart ’s fault
  • Atsushi
    / Kyouka (Bungou Stray Dogs)

11 Questions:

One dish you know you can prepare
no matter what?

Pasta with some kind of tomato sauce. Mostly because I always have
the basic ingredients in a pantry somewhere.

One musical artist you discovered
in the past year?

One film you wish you could’ve
starred in? And why?
Lord of the Rings, because the whole
thing feels like some kind of cosplay summer camp and it looks like
it would have been a blast to be in it.

One quality you look for in close
Loyalty: the willingness to accept who
someone is and to really get to know them

One talent you wish you could have
and one talent you’d offer to trade it for?

What I want
: casual conversation
skill, like the ability to just go up to people, start a
conversation and keep it going
What you can have: I have an uncanny
amount of spacial awareness when in cities. You can drop me in an
unknown city and I’ll find my way, even without a map. This is a
fairly useless skill, since most cities also have 4G.

One fictional character you’d
take along on a road trip?
I have a feeling taking Bokuto Koutaro
anywhere would lead to Shenanigans and I’m down for that.

One person that really inspired
you in your life?
Can I say my mom? Probably my mom.
She’s badass.

One fictional character you’d
love to have over for dinner?

Not to go all goth on you, but Neil
Gaiman’s Death. Because she’s canonically a super fun and friendly
person, and also she probably has a ton of cool stories to tell.

One fictional character you’d
want to have as your partner in crime – literally?
Chuuya Nakahara. If I’m going to
become a gangster, I’m going all the way.

One thing you’d wish for if you
saw a shooting star right now?
This is gonna sound super sappy but I
find it very hard to find someone that loves me in the same way, and
at the same time, that I love them. That would be a handy thing.

One thing that is always in your bag/pocket?
I literally have a life sustaining kit with me at all times:
phone, flashlight, battery pack, basic medicines, water and some
kind of cake/cookie.

11 questions

  1. Which
    piece of fiction do you wish you’d written, and why?
  2. Coffee
    or tea?
  3. What’s
    your favourite game of all time and why?
  4. If
    you could have any kind of hairdo, what would it be?
  5. Your de-stress method of choice?
  6. Favourite
    guilty pleasure? That book, film of album that you really love but
    kinda have to hide when the cool people come over?
  7. Biggest
    anime crush?
  8. Which
    dish or recipe do you wish you knew how to prepare flawlessly?
  9. Chinese
    or western horoscope?
  10. Is
    there a song that inspired you in life? If so which one?
  11. Is
    there a historic figure you’d like to have coffee with? Who?

I’m tagging @leeva-z-kai​, @bittersweetoranges​ and @mistersunshinesprinkles​ because I know they won’t mind. And @fangmich​ and @atsushihimuro​ because these people are all over my feed and I have no idea who they are but I’m intrigued.