Have some Aizawa Shouta headcanons


I’ve been thinking about Aizawa Shouta a lot lately.
This is embarrassingly long.

  • Aizawa has built a pretty massive wall around himself. He’s kinda distant, cold almost, even to people he respects (like All Might or Yamada). It will take time for him to warm up to you, to put it mildly. He’s a hero and a teacher, and both these roles require a certain level-headedness that clashes with romance. Even if it’s love at first sight, he’ll move slowly and methodically. Think casual talk about the weather or some news event. -low key checking if you have a criminal record- It’s not that he’s afraid to confess, he just really wants to know you before he makes the conscious step to move further. A relationship is a Decision to him. It entails a whole bunch of checks and risks and adjustments. He does not take it lightly. Incidentally, that means that if you come on to him too fast, he’ll definitely block you.
  • No PDA. Ever. He’s extremely protective of his privacy and very aware of the dangers of being a hero’s loved one. This man is genre-savvy enough to know of the concept of ‘girlfriend/boyfriend in a fridge’ and he absolutely will not stand for that. In public, you guys mostly look like acquaintances or friends. Unless they’re Yamada and can read him like a book, most people wouldn’t know you two are dating.
  • As such, dates with him aren’t really the typical ‘dates’. He prefers to spend time with you in an environment in which he’s comfortable (*cough* blanket burrito *cough*) and he’s always slightly weary in public. He’ll take you to dinner if you really want, or to a movie in a smaller theatre, but he won’t be able to truly relax and open up until you’re both home.
  • Honestly he probably prefers stay-in dates. Quiet time spent together, either watching something or sitting side by side working on your own thing. I don’t see him being much of a gamer, but he’ll be perfectly content snoozing on your lap while you play, only to occasionally offer snark or a piece of strategy advice when your character dies.
  • I don’t see him being much of a cook, because while I believe he balances his nutrition as much as the next top athlete, I don’t think he cares enough about presentation and taste to be a kitchen genius. Having said that, he’d probably love it if you were? He admires skill and intelligence, so he would love to watch you quietly concentrate on preparing food, or gardening, or writing or tinkering with electronics. Whatever it is. He gets a certain calm feeling of well-being from seeing you content in your own little world doing something you love. He’d probably not straight out watch you, but sort of slink in and sit nearby with his tablet, like the cat that he is.
  • Very low maintenance as an s/o, and he probably needs you to be similar. He’s a busy man. This isn’t to say he’s averse to affection. Feeling the warmth of you, close to him, fills him with a joy he’s never going to be able to put in words. Expect him to snake an arm around you or to lean in when you’re on the couch. He’ll sort of sneak closer if you’re sleeping in the same bed, all subtle like. If you’re working and he’s feeling particularly needy, he’ll come up from behind and bury his head in the crook of your shoulder. Please note: this tickles.
  • In the same vein, I don’t see him as a very jealous person. For him to even open up to you in any way, let alone to be your S/O, he’d have to utterly and completely trust you. Don’t expect a reaction if you blatantly flirt with people or try to get a rise out of him at some party you dragged him to (as if he’d go out of his own volition). Whatever you think you’re doing, it’s not going to work and it will definitely not be appreciated. He’ll either ignore it, or if it’s rude enough to hurt him, scold you when you get home. He’ll tell you that if you want someone more flashy, you should just go. Playing this particular game a few more times is a good way to get him to leave you. What he needs more than anything is someone he can trust and just sort of exist in the vicinity of.  Someone that will love him in the same quiet, reassuring way that he cares for them, despite the rough exterior and the random flashes of tsun.
  • Hates the beach. He prefers to keep his skin covered when outside, possibly out of some insecurity about his scars, so he doesn’t really like to wear just swimming trunks. Also the sand gets between his toes. If you were able to drag him away from his work for a well-deserved vacation, your best bet is probably a nice mountain or woodsy retreat. He doesn’t mind hiking or getting some fresh air. Even camping is an option. You know this caterpillar can sleep anywhere he drops his sleeping bag.
  • While he doesn’t look like he takes good care of himself, I believe he’d pretty good at keeping his living environment tidy. He dislikes clutter, because it gets in his way, so living with him is fairly easy in this respect. He has this underlying current of always bringing an empty plate with him if he goes to the kitchen, or subconsciously picking up trash when he walks through a room.
  • Aizawa would be a pretty calm dad. I mean, he already is sort of a substitute dad for his students, so he’d ease into having actual offspring without much difficulty. Please imagine Aizawa holding a small baby and just… sighing while it pukes milk all over his black shirt.
  • If he was babysitting a rambunctious toddler and also having a lot of work to do, his s/o would absolutely come home to find the child entangled in his scarf, restrained but happily playing with a few toys within arms reach. Meanwhile dad is on the couch, grading papers.
  • As a father, Aizawa’s methods would be similar to his teaching. He’s fairly relaxed, almost giving the impression that he doesn’t care (he cares a lot). He’s strict when he needs to be, and he implicitly trusts his children. This is the kind of parent that would explain the dangers of the world, and then if his kid rebels and does it anyway, he’d pluck them out of the mess, dust them off and go ‘see, this is why I told you not to do that. Now don’t do it again’.
  • He’s seen enough kids grow up to know by age six whether or not his child is cut out to be a hero. The nature of their quirk, their physical abilities, their drive, their personality. He’s got it all in a little mental list with either a green or a red check mark at the bottom. Having said that, he doesn’t particularly *want* his kids to become pro heroes. It’s a hard life, it’s dangerous and even if they do everything right, they may not make the big leagues. He would give his children free reign to figure out what they want to be, and then support them in that choice. I expect he’ll be a bit reluctant if they land on ‘I wanna be like Deku!’ but do imagine cute little beginner sparring sessions. S/o has a secret stash of pictures of him and his kid in the backyard practising hand-to-hand combat.


  • Eraserhead never knew how good a nice massage or back rub could feel until you coaxed him into letting you have your way. He leads a fairly rough life, so just having someone work out all the knots and bumps is a good way to shut him down completely. If you get him into a bath with you and scrub his back or work your fingers over his scalp as you wash his hair, he sort of.. . goes blank. Error: Aizawa.exe not found. Two minutes later he’s just snoring.
  • With his hobo looks, gruff personality and singular work focus, he’s not the world’s most experienced lover. He probably went on a few dates, maybe even had a longer term lover but he’s just kinda… awkward? He’s a studious kind of man, though. He’ll figure it out.
  • Dude has dry eye so he likes to close his eyes when he’s intimate. That way the stings don’t bother him and he can concentrate more on his other senses. Which incidentally makes him a rather sensual lover. He loves the smell of your hair, the taste of your sweat running down your neck. He likes to listen to your breath stutter when he makes a move that’s just right.
  • Aizawa’s hands are course because he’s spent ages practising martial arts, without ever using gloves. The skin is hardened, with thick calluses, so when he’s touching you, he prefers not to use the pads of his fingers or his palm (unless you’re into that, of course), but rather the back of his hand or his lips. He’ll trace your skin with the softer sides of his index or his knuckle.
  • He probably has several scars on his body. Because of his martial arts training, his lower arms, hands, face and most of his legs are not very sensitive, which makes it extra fun to look for the places on his body that *do* cause some reaction. Think sides, lower abdomen, inner thighs, that kind of thing.
  • Perhaps unsurprisingly but: quiet lover. If you’re getting anything more than a soft sigh or a low rumble next to your ear, you’re doing something very right.
  • I know what you’re thinking, but I don’t believe he’s naturally into bondage? Even though he’d be very skilled at it? He associates the scarf with restraining villains or rowdy kids. You are neither. If having him tie you up is a huge kink for you, you can probably get him to try it, but it will take some convincing. Just know what you’re getting yourself into, because once he gets into it, he’ll turn into the world’s biggest tease. There will be dad jokes and logical ruses. It will be torture.

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