Hello yes, I’ve been obsessing over Mystic Messenger, so have a thing.


So I basically fell in love with 707 long before I ever got to his route (which I’m currently trying to finish), so you can consider this an… innocent au? I guess? Iono man, I just wanted to write about pretty boys wearing lipstick.

707 takes his friend out on a ‘girls night’ to cheer her up.
Ultra-fast-burn friends-to-lovers, in an extremely fluffy way.

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A tag thing

As writers, we find ourselves in a constant cycle of looking up information to make it LOOK like we know what the heck we’re talking about. Make a list of things you have made your characters experience that you, personally, have NO (or very little) experience with. Then tag 5 people.

I was tagged by the lovely @bsinoranges, thank you! This one was a blast.

Can I just make this a list of things I have researched?

  • The effects and impact of close range gunshots, for different types of ammo.
  • Several dozen punk/black metal/goth/industrial band names (just so I could make pun names for caffeinated drinks and pastry)
  • The exact hours of sunrise in Kyoto in June and the time difference between several different parts of the world
  • Just… time zones. In general. All the time.
  • The most popular cellular network in Iceland
  • “When is Golden Week”
  • Train routes in Argentina
  • So many locations and transport routes and buildings in cities all over the world (Street View is your friend)
  • The feel and texture of snake skin (while the creature is alive)
  • Early twentieth century painters and their work
  • The name for different medieval era dances and music genres
  • The chemical composition of white-out
  • How much blood a person can lose before passing out and/or dying (I’m probably on a government watch list, come to think of it)
  • The roles and domains of several different ancient gods and assorted mythological creatures (several times)
  • The exact wording of the different parts of a bowling lane
  • Grips and strategies in arm wrestling
  • The colour and material of those little wristbands they give you in hospitals
  • The names and sizes of various Japanese swords and martial arts implements
  • Riot strategies and how to make street barricades (Yup, definitely on a government watch list)
  • The history of Silphium (the plant)
  • The Latin names and families of So Many Plants
  • “How do tides work”

I’m gonna cheat and not tag people. If you see this, go ahead and tag yourself. You can even say I tagged you. I won’t snitch.

Have some fluff

“It’s so tiny. Are you sure nothing’s wrong with it?”
“He’s a baby, Toshinori,” Aizawa sighs, “They’re supposed to be that size.”
Your child lies in the palm of All Might’s large hand, barely filling it. He peers at it curiously and the boy wiggles, blowing a raspberry while Aizawa stands by frowning, ready to take over at any moment.
“I’m sorry, young man,” Toshinori murmurs to the child, “I’m sure you’ll grow up strong.”
Aizawa rolls his eyes. “It’s like you’ve never held a baby before.”
“I have rescued several, of course,” Toshinori says, gently running a finger over your son’s belly. “They were apparently older than two days.”
“Well this one,” Aizawa says, lifting the boy up and cradling him in his arms, “is a newborn and he will indeed grow up just fine.”
“Of course,” Toshinori hums, giving a small apologetic bow. “I believe congratulations are in order.”
“Yeah yeah.”
The baby gurgles and Aizawa holds him closer, brushing the tip of his nose against the child’s.
It earns him a happy squeak.
All Might watches them for a moment, face unreadable. Then he turns the radiance of his smile towards you. “Have you decided on a name yet?” he asks conversationally.
“Mm.” You, on the sofa, several pillows behind your back, put down your mug of tea. “We, uh, have,” you say, blushing a little. You lift your head, eyes seeking Aizawa’s support, but he just looks away, softly jiggling his son as he faces the window.
“So we were thinking,” you say, and you swallow. “The, uh both of us decided that we’d like to name him, uh, Yagi.”
“Oh.” It’s a soft breath, barely a whisper that escapes All Might’s lips.
“Because, well, uh…” You falter. “Well, it’s a good name, we think.”
All Might smiles widely, and it stretches his skin across the bone, a picture of a skull. “He will grow up a fine man, indeed.”

Dazai and the ladies


Hey Nonny!
Ooh, an excuse to talk about my favourite chapter in BSD!
Don’t mind if I do.
So the scene you’re talking about is this one, in the Double Black episode.


It’s very much played for humour. Throughout the chapter, they’re constantly dragging each other and this is like the one thing that actually seems to give Dazai pause for a moment.
But how much truth is there in it? Now there’s a question.

Dazai the flirt

Dazai is aggressively, vocally into women.
It’s one of the first things we ever learn about him.


I’m not, here, gonna go into whether or not the boy doth protest too much, but I don’t think I will shock anyone by saying that he is, when it comes to women he doesn’t know, an incredible flirt. He’s seemingly forever trying to get in the pants of the waitress at their coffee bar, he lays it on super thick with clients, etc.


It’s interesting to note here that most of that is an act.

For one, he only seems to do this to women that are not close to him.
We, as readers/viewers, also know that he doesn’t mean it.
Any of it.
He’s probably already suspicious of Higuchi long before he decides to ‘woo’ her. The same for the waitress. He’s not actually expecting her to go “Oh yes, random weirdo who hangs out here but rarely pays his tab, let’s go drown ourselves together. It’ll be romantic.”
We know Dazai as a highly intelligent man, who is very adept at reading moods.
No way in hell would he be so unaware as to think his blunt flirtations would ever actually work.

Dazai the womanizer

So where does that flirt/womanizer idea come from?
As you say, nonny, a lot of that is down to Dazai’s real life counterpart.

!Historical Dazai ( born Tsushima Shüji) was a pretty tragic figure. He attempted, multiple times, to take his own life, several times in a ‘double suicide’ that cost the life of at least two young women, besides his own. To say that !Historical Dazai’s history with women is painful, is to put it mildly. That stuff is straight messed up.


Now, it’s tempting to think of !Maffia Dazai as reflecting the tragedies of !Historical Dazai. It’s fairly obvious that the character is based on the writer, and !Maffia Dazai is certainly… broken enough. Whereas!Agency Dazai mostly jokes about the suicide thing, and has long since given up actually killing, !Maffia Dazai is shown as extremely nihilistic and just downright depressed. He is cold, and cruel, and just… really sad. I wouldn’t put it past him to try and drown his sorrows in women, like he does in liquor. !Historical Dazai didn’t only have several wives, he had a thing for prostitutes, hostesses and geisha’s, which would fit neatly into the maffia persona.
It is even possible that he ruined the lives of several of these women, the same way (or worse) as !Historical Dazai did.
We are not shown evidence of this in the series (at this point), but it’s certainly a possibility.

If you think of it that way, all those jokes of his do take on a decidedly dark turn. It’s one thing to joke about your own death (we’re on tumblr, people do it all the time), it’s another to talk of double suicides if you’ve actually ruined a young woman’s life.
In that sense, Chuuya’s threat is also incredibly bleak. The initial idea when you read that joke is the whole ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ thing, but in this situation, it would rip open some old wounds and guilt on Dazai’s part.

But that is probably reading Too Much into what is essentially a good joke. Let’s assume that Dazai, being a big shot mobster, had a whole bunch of flings with dancing girls or whatever, and that he dumped them like the troll he is.

Dazai the s/o

Headcanon time!

I think it’s safe to say that !Agency Dazai is not the same man as !Maffia Dazai, or !Historical Dazai.
Mentally, it seems to me as if Dazai is now in a better place, and the same goes for his relationships with the world around him. His general stance seems to be ‘don’t harm, care if you must, but troll the shit out of everyone’.
Please note how much respect he has for Yosano, how he treats Naomi and Kyouka (once she’s inducted). He deeply cares about these people, but he also trolls the shit out of them.
The same pretty much goes for the likes of Maffia and Guild members, such as Chuuya, Kouyou, Akutagawa, heck, even Q. He ostensibly hates these people, but he’s not about to truly hurt them. He just trolls the shit out of them.
It is like this for pretty much the whole world. Dazai saves lives. It’s what he does, but he’s not exactly a gentleman about it. He protects, but he also trolls.

So what this means for any s/o he may have, is that at the very least, they will be trolled on a near-daily basis.

The question is: would Dazai even have an s/o.
I’m pretty big on the importance of healthy relationships, and I am also fairly certain that Dazai, in his current state, is incapable of having a healthy, loving relationship with any s/o.
He cannot love another, because he friggin hates himself.
It’s gonna take a very long time to heal that.
And I think Dazai, in his current state, is also wise enough to realize when a relationship isn’t healthy, and to avoid it.
He may be prone to flirtations, to flitting from one person to the next, to double suicides, even, but at this point he’s also trying very hard to avoid those situations from ever happening. He claims, way near the start of the show, to want a death where there are no victims but himself.
To do this, he builds walls around himself, even as he is with people that are close to him.


You can see that in the way he treats someone like Atsushi. He cares deeply about Atsushi, I truly believe this, he wants to guide him and watch him grow, he wants to give him important advice to help that boy heal his wounds, but at the same time, he keeps his distance (see that ‘i’m not into guys’ thing up there). His first instinct in any situation is to push people away, to gloss it over with a joke.

He’d do the same thing if he were to actually fall in love.

If he does, as you put it, find that special someone, I believe he wouldn’t even make a move until he’s a hundred percent certain that he can control all his urges, can keep himself in check, so that No One Gets Hurt.
Dazai the character may be based on Tsushima, but he’s actively trying to avoid living the same life. He’s a that point in his life where he’s looking for atonement, he’s trying to make up for the hurt he caused, not make more.
So unless he meets someone who is ok with open relationships, I doubt he’d cheat on them.
He’s a troll, but he’s not heartless.
The last thing he wants is another notch on his belt, another life ruined. Especially if it’s someone he truly cares about.

PS: I did a profile on Dazai a while back, that is Even Longer and goes deeper into some of his personality.

Tokoyami headcanons


Hey nonny,
mmmm… OK.


Domestic Tokoyami

  • The feathers on his head are very soft, but they get itchy and they take a lot of preening in order to feel comfy. As a result, he is a total bathroom hog in the morning.
  • Also: loves it when you pet his head. Like gentle head scratches. He makes a cute little sighing noise when you do this, almost like a purr.
  • Tokoyami is an edgelord and he loves black things and dark rooms, but he needs to always sleep with a night light. True darkness makes Dark Shadow too powerful. Try not to make too many  jokes about this (he’s kinda embarrassed about it).
  • Loves vampire movies à la Interview with the Vampire because he can really relate to characters struggling with the monster within. Dark Shadow thinks vampire movies are boring and will whine until you shove popcorn in his face.
  • Not much of a kisser for obvious reasons, but he does like rubbing his beak and his forehead on your skin as a sign of affection.
  • Having said that, he loves your lips? The side of his neck is especially sensitive to kisses and nips. Hint, hint.
  • Soft boyfriend. He’s the calm, quiet sort that likes to read and generally hang out in a comfy atmosphere. One of the first things he gets when he has his own apartment is one of those giant sectional couches that’s more like a bed or a pillow fort for your living room. You like to think of it as his nest, but you try not to say that to his face.
  • Halloween is his favourite holiday ever. Yes, he knows the Japanese don’t really celebrate it. He does not care. He turns his room or apartment or whatever into a haunted house and invites people over. One year he managed to acquire a broken down bus. It was Epic. What he loves about it is mostly the horror factor and the pagan atmosphere, not so much the Sexy All Might costumes. He calls it Samhain and uses it as an excuse to talk about witches a lot. (Dark Shadow also loves it because he’s Very Good at spooking people and it’s one of the few times he’s not allowed to do so at length).
  • Unsurprisingly: loves fall. It has apples and falling leaves and blustery winds and he’s allowed to wax poetic about the great circle of life and death all around him.

Descending into nsfw under the cut.

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A fairytale

Somehow @tottwriter and @bsinoranges planted the idea of intersectional feminist mermaids in my head and, uh, this happened.

It started, like so many of these things do, somewhere in the sixties.
The world was changing, and so, it seems, was the sea.
Mermaids were spotted less often, and when it happened, they weren’t the pristine creatures with flowing hair and clamshell bras.
They had stopped shaving their armpits. They painted their nails black and wore their hair wild, braiding it with seaweed, dying it red and blue and yellow and green, all the colours the sea could give them.
Some would just shave it all off.
Instead of clamshell bras, they wore shirts. Punk-rock ones. With curses on them.
Feminist. Anarchy. Sex Pistols.
They were seen less and less, too.
The few sailors who dared try to woo them were met with curses and insults.
“Be careful,” the kids on your class would say, “if they find you, they’ll drag you in and drown you.”
And later, when they became too cool to believe in mermaids: “Be careful of the currents.”
Whatever the reason, whether they believed in them or not, no one went to the rocky shores where the mermaids lived any more.
Except you, carefully picking your way down the moss-covered path.

“There used to be a difference between sirens and mermaids, but not anymore.”
That’s how your grandfather told it.
“They’re just tired, laddie.”
That’s was the way your grandmother explained it.
Tired of falling for sailors and fishermen. Tired of loving and caring and giving their all, only to be left behind.
Forgotten as the love of their life married some girl on the shore.
Your grandmother would know, of course. She had literally pulled her not-yet-husband ashore one morning. A survivor of a ship wrecked three months earlier. A miracle, but not really.
She had stolen him from his mermaid lover and spent the rest of her life going down to the rocky cliffs on a full moon, dropping packages of fragrant biscuits and smoked fish as reparation.
That was why you went there, too. Still coming down, now and then. After her passing.
One basket for them, and one for your grandfather, sitting on a bench overlooking the sea.
“Do you ever regret it?” you asked him one day, sitting by his side with a mug of steaming tea.
And he just smiled.
“I wouldn’t have you, now would I, my boy.”

That was years ago.
You had since moved to the city, your grandparents resting in adjacent plots in the small village cemetery.
You’d met your share of lovers, and you’d lost them, like the mermaids of old, to the currents and the land.
Sad, lost, broken one too many times, you found yourself back on the cliffs where your grandmother had first seen a man come up for air in a turbulent sea.
Carefully, slowly, you made your way down the moss-covered path, no light to guide you but the full moon, barely avoiding sliding down the broken granite.
You’d pondered a while over what to bring.
Chocolate, you’d decided. The kind with sea salt in it.
And olives. Brined, juicy and full of a deep bitterness. Pleasant to the palate.
Cheese crackers, also, because everyone likes those, even mermaids.

You placed the basket on the cracked shale and sat down nearby, arms wrapped around your knees.
They came. Slowly. A small sink in the waves. A ‘bloop’, a rush, a spray.
Until you saw a head rise above the water, and then another one.
They were beautiful, but not in the way of fairytales.
One was bald, skin and scales glistening in the moonlight, a pattern of spots, like a leopard, adorning her head.
She wore an L7 shirt that you were mildly jealous of, and she came closer, like a cat, just within range of the food, but far from you.
Her friend was wilder, bolder, long hair tied in dreads and decorated with the plumes of fishing lines snatched.
She’d fashioned a dress out of netting and proudly wore it, a pattern upon patterns, not covering anything that humans would consider indecent. A bright orange ‘fuck you’ to the world at large.

“We know you,” she said, voice deep and raspy like water retreating from a pebble beach. “You smell like her. The woman who lived on that cliff.”
You nodded, silently, as you watched her curiously try the olives offered.
“Will you take me,” you asked after a while, and she tilted her head.
“If I walk into the water here, will you take me.”
The bald one sighed. “What did he do?” she asked, a hint of weary wisdom drifting on the trill of her tone.
You took a deep breath, hiccuping to keep the well of pain closed.
“There wasn’t one ‘he’. There were many, and they did lots of things,” you managed. “But mostly they did not love me. Not like I want to be loved.”
The bald mermaid nodded, and sucked on chocolate.
“Foolish boy,” her friend said, and you thought you could see a hint of a smile in her dark features. “Is this where you get your worth?”
“I just don’t know what to do,” you muttered.
“Then live,” the mermaid said. “There is no vengeance to be found in cold water.”
“I don’t want vengeance,” you shouted.
“Are you sure?” the bald mermaid noted. “Because we can arrange for an accident. Or two.”
You shook your head. “I don’t want that. I just want it to stop hurting.”
“Ah, that one requires time,” the long haired mermaid said, and she turned to you, moon shining into her eyes, deep as the ocean. “Time and the occasional friendly gesture.”
She snapped a cheese cracker in half.
“Is that what worked for you?” you asked.
“It did, young sailor.”

Shinsou – cat boy

So I woke up at 4am with this image of cat boy Shinsou and I’m just gonna go ahead and blame @leeva-z-kai for this. I know his pic is all sweet and innocent, but my mind is what it is.

You entered your shared apartment a little harried, dropping your bag and shoes at the door.
“Uraraka texted me saying I should come home as soon as possible,” you said, putting your coat up, “Is everything al…right?”
You rushed into the living room to find Shinsou standing there, in a Total Recall t-shirt and loose sweatpants hanging low on his hips. He was holding a carton of milk in one hand and wiping his mouth with the other, confused frown on his face.
“Did she?” he said.
You squinted at him.
“Are those.…cat ears?”
Your boyfriend looked away, rubbing the back of his neck, and the pair of purple ears barely poking out of his hair drooped.
“Oh my god,” you said, “that’s adorable.”
You crossed the floor and reached up to gently touch one. The fur on it was impossibly soft, and it flicked away when your finger brushed by it.
“Oh my god these are real?”
He sighed and pouted at you.
“I’m sorry,” you said with a smile, pecking him softly on the lips. “It’s not every day I come home to find my boyfriend with an extra pair of cute little ears. I take it you had an eventful day? How does this sort of thing even happen?”
You took a step back to shrug off your coat and put it away.
“Quirk,” he said, returning the milk to the fridge. “We were looking for some gangster but instead we found this kid and it hit all of us.”
“That’s.…a weird ass quirk. They just give people cat ears?”
“It’s a random mutation,” he explained. “Kiri ended up with bear claws. He’s super happy about it.”
You giggled and stepped in to hug him. “And you’re not?”
“Doctor says it’ll wear off tomorrow, there’s no reason to get overly excited about it,” he mumbled, but he smiled when you pulled him closer and started planting kisses along his neck.
“But cats, Shinsou…” you whined, running your hands down his back. “I wonder if it feels good if I scratch behind them.”
“Well, they’re pretty sensitive,” he chuckled. And it was then that your hands had finally reached his butt and realized there was something moving down there.
“Oh my god there’s a tail?!!”
Shinsou made a painful expression, ears flat against his head. “Yes?”
“Why didn’t you tell me?” you squeaked.
“Because.…” He indicated your overexcited face.
“Can I touch it??”
“I guess?” he said.
You ducked under his arm to check his backside and found a thin tail swaying lazily. It had long, wispy fur, like an angora cat, in the same dark purple colour as the rest of his body hair.
Making little ‘ooh’ sounds, you ran your fingers over it.
“It’s so soft!” you said.
“Mmhmmm,” Shinsou hummed and the tail flicked, tip of it twitching under your grasp.
“This is so cool,” you gasped and you gently stroked it, letting it hit the back of your hand before running your palm along the length of the tail.
Your boyfriend made a soft choking sound.
“You ok?”
“It’s very sensitive,” he whispered.
“Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt…” you came up to see Shinsou’s face in a deep blush, one hand grasping the counter to balance himself. His ears stood up in acute attention.
“Oh that kind of sensitive.”
You bit your lip with a wide grin.
“Shut up,” he croaked. “Stop grinning at me or I swear to god…”
But your face was locked in a painful smile and you had trouble stopping yourself from laughing.
He gave you another pout.
“Sorry,” you giggled. “You’re just really cute.”
He growled and took your face in one hand before pulling you in a deep kiss that left you nearly breathless.
“Wow,” you said, staring into a pair of burning eyes, “Well then.…we should, uh.”
With a smile and twinkling eyes you took his hand and walked out of the kitchen.
“Come on catboy. Let’s take advantage of this new-found sensitiveness before it wears off.”
He chuckled, rolling his eyes.
“And if you’re good you’ll get ear skritches,” you added, turning around to kiss his nose.
“Furry…” he smirked.

Asked by Anonymous

About twice possible redemption. Yeah he needs help and there was this guy in the eight precepts called toya setusno who tried to commit suicide but was saved by a hero but he fell even harder? Like mental help where is it? Because mental health issues can lead to crime if left unchecked.

Heya nonny,

I agree with you that BnHA could use some… health professionals. This series has Gotham levels of super powered mental patients running around. It kinda feels, and I’m wildly speculating here, like society has dropped everything to deal with the quirk thing.
Canonically, technology advancement pretty much came to a standstill when quirks showed up. Like… the show plays some time in the future, they should at least have self driving cars or something. But instead, they have people who can fly or turn into sand.
I have a feeling that advancements in medical treatment have taken a similar turn, especially when it comes to the downtrodden. In some cases medicine seems to have even regressed. The nomus, the thing keeping All for One breathing, it’s all weird tubing and stained metal. That’s Cold War era medicine right there.
Partly this is, of course, an aesthetic thing. It makes for some Very Powerful image (like holy crap that first panel with Nighteye in 161 blew me away), but the underlying idea is that if you don’t have one of the super rare healing heroes, you’re probably in trouble. They’re relying too much on people such as Recovery Girl. Why would they spend a lot of money trying to advance bone fracture healing when someone can just go ‘poof’.
And in a society that’s racing to even get with current levels of scientific advancement, you can imagine what would happen to people who, like Twice, appear to suffer from quirk related mental health issues. All the research grants are going to flashy stuff. Gene splicing, trying to keep small children from accidentally disintegrating their parents or classmates when they first manifest, that kind of thing. I imagine no one actually cares about a few poor luckless bastards who could use some decent psychologist. (I still want to hug him tho)

Villain redemption

Asked by Anonymous

Your thoughts on shigaraki’s possible redemption? his background makes me think. Grandson of a hero and raised by said hero’s enemy to fight against everything she stood for. It’s especially tragic from nana’s view. She gave up her child to spare them the pain of a hero’s life but then shigaraki’s situation happened.

Heya Nonny,

Hmmm. I don’t think the way Shigaraki is set up at this point in the manga, gives much leeway for a redemption arc. Right now he’s the main antagonist. He is a mirror for Midoriya. The successor of All for One, with Midoriya being the successor of All Might/One for All.
I agree with you that his back story is friggin tragic, but a tragic past alone doesn’t absolve you from your actions. A redemption arc would require a number of things.
1. He’d have to feel sorry. Somehow see the error of his ways. But this guy seems to be enjoying himself just fine as a villain. His character is not a ‘I do this because I must’ type deal. He relishes in evil.
2. Someone would have to take over as Big Bad. This is basic story logic, but there needs to be a main antagonist. Redemption arcs are good for the pawns that get defeated along the way. Shigaraki only acts like a pawn. He really isn’t one. He wasn’t one for Chisaki, and with All for One gone, there is no one above him.
I don’t see either of those as happening any time soon.

There’s a few people within the League of Villains, that do have potential for a redemption arc:
1.Twice: that boy has a lot of problems, my friends, but he doesn’t really seem like that awful a guy? Someone help him.
2. Spinner: the one that is legitimately questioning Shigaraki’s motives. The true Stain fanboy. It’ll be very interesting to see how they handle him once it becomes clear that LoV aren’t really in it to bring about True Heroes.
3. And finally, this may very well be wishful thinking on my part: Dabi. Granted, that’s mostly because of the Todoroki rumours. I would love to see an arc where he bonds with Shouto, but I fear that this guy is a troll who gives zero fucks. Also his kill count is pretty high. Higher than Shigaraki, in personal murders committed. There’s that. So probably just Spinner 😀

Someone adopt Todoroki already


Let’s talk about everyone’s favourite BnHA prince, Todoroki Shouto, and his parental figures.
This kid is some weird cross between Haikyuu’s Kageyama and the Last Airbender’s Zuko, in that he’s a socially awkward pretty boy with a dark past and some very serious daddy issues.
This kid has seen some shit, my dudes.
And like those two he gets a rather satisfying, still ongoing character arc, making him one of those characters you can’t help but root for.
You know what else Todoroki is? A walking symbolism manual.

Todoroki’s parental figures

So BnHA is very interesting in the way it deals with parents. As opposed to most manga, they don’t just all die or disappear into the background here. This series has some of the warmest mother-son relationships (hello Midoriya Inko), and it’s also chock full of father figures (Dad Might, Dadzawa, Dad Torino).
People like Midoriya and Bakugou, and Kirishima in the manga, get several of these mentors to help them on their way.

Todoroki, on the other hand, gets surprisingly few. He doesn’t have the same relationship with Aizawa or All Might that Midoriya and Bakugou have, and he doesn’t even get a separate mentor during his  apprenticeship, because he chooses to spend that time with his own father.
In a way, this makes a lot of sense. Whereas Midoriya gets outside guidance to grow, Todoroki’s character development is very much an internal struggle. It is central to Todoroki’s character arc that he learns how to deal with the parents he already has.
Putting this under a cut because it’s super long, and it ventures a little into manga territory (i tried to keep the spoilers mild).

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