Here I was thinking I was watching a nice, wholesome sports anime. WTF is this body horror?


Uh, guys?

Guys. It’s ok.

He’s not… he’s not dead, bros.

Why are you giving him a eulogy?

He’s literally… he didn’t even fall off his bike or anything. He’s not hurt.

Guys, I can’t stress this enough.


but guys can we talk about how utterly dramatic Yowamushi Pedal is?

welcome race for the first years alone takes like four episodes. There are way more comebacks than is entirely necessary or realistic. There is a bit where 300 metres of sprinting
(that like half a minute in real time)

takes up an entire episode because of all the flashbacks and motivational speeches.

these shots all the time

and very few people have died (I’m like halfway second season).

level of emotion is entirely too high for something that does not
feature lasers (there are, however, wings and anime songs).

get me wrong, I’m loving the heck out of this. But dudes, come on.

Yes hello, I don’t know if anyone is missing me but I haven’t posted because I’m in YowaPeda hell where it takes an episode to cross 300 metres at 60 km per hour and I can’t leave until Sohoku wins, ok?

Three episode reviews: Yowamushi Pedal Season 1

one of the only sports anime in Winter 2017 season is season 3 of
Yowamushi Pedal you (like, in fact, me) might be wondering if it’s
something to get into. Whelp. Here’s my review of the first three
episodes of the first season to help you with that.

Sports: Road cycling. Again a sport that I, European chick, actually know and
have watched. Hooray!

: Onoda is a (frankly adorable) otaku who bikes everywhere to
save money. On his first day of high school he meets rich
boy/dedicated cyclist Imaizumi, who has some past troubles to get
over, and who is mildly confused by Onoda’s ability to ride up steep
slopes on a shit bike while singing about princesses.

Just adding this because I know my type and from the OP I
can already tell that I’m probably going to be into tall black haired
stoic boy. Also there’s a guy that looks like BSD’s Lovecraft and he
has green and red hair which is like the least natural colour I’ve
ever seen?

impression from the actual show

  • Onoda is intense levels of nerdy
  • Tall black haired cool boy turns out to be the bicycle version
    of Haikyuu’s Kageyama.
  • The resident girl is very adorable, she even
    comes with a grumpy best friend.
  • Onoda is an amazing cyclist because
    he’s a cheap ass.
  • I see jokes about the rich kid and the poor kid in
    the immediate future. Like they keep cutting from Onoda’s shitty
    house to Imaizumi’s modern, two car garage house. They’re really
    putting it out there that these guys are foils. 

All in all, the first
episode is pretty standard fare, though i give them props for the
little bit after the credits where they’re already warming up the

(I was right, he’s so going to be my fave).


  • Ok so cycling Kageyama is actually kindof a softie. He’s
    a lot less cold and distant than I was expecting, but I was expecting
    him to be Kageyama, so that’s on me.
  • Imaizumi is just a complete
    cycling dork: he’s arrogant and detached, but also honorable and
    sympathetic. I honestly can’t wait to see him become a blushing mess
    in the near future.
  • This second episode went by surprisingly fast and
    uses the power of bicycle science to make it clear that Onoda is like
    some kind of cycle prodigy because he’s been driving everywhere on
    the world’s most inefficient bike.
  • Also: Onoda has the saddest
    friggin motivation in history. Like jeebus someone hug him.
  • Also also
    manager girl’s older brother is a mechanic voiced by Suwabe and can
    do no wrong.
  • Manager girl herself knows more about bikes than anyone
    I ever met (and I live in a cycling obsessed country). 
  • Cycle
    Kageyama has groupies. This is an interesting dynamic to say the


  • Imaizumi is bae and also wants to desperately be friends
    with Onoda, even tho he’s way too cool to just come out and say it.
  • This episode is actually quite sweet, what with the power of
    friendship and al that.
  • It introduces protag number three, who has a
    snaggle tooth which means he’s probably quirky and/or impulsive AF.
    He likes bikes a lot.
  • As an aside: IwaPeda’s school has the ugliest
    uniforms in the history of sports animes. Who greenlighted that?


So I came into this show knowing only that it is about bikes and has
a dude with a freaky tongue (I’m guessing he’s an antagonist at some
point). And it’s pretty cool. If you’ve watched a fair amount of
sports anime, the premise to Yowamushi Pedal feels kinda standard:
new kid in high school makes new friends and finds out his true
talent, which he gained through some improbable training. Here’s what’s promising:

  • I like
    the dynamic between the main two (later three). It’s not too
    confrontational and it’s also not sickly sweet (like in Days, for
  • Imaizumi is a nicer version of ‘arrogant cold dude’, with
    some of the rougher edges polished off.
  • Onoda is one of the most
    nerdy protagonists I’ve ever seen and I hope he stays an otaku.
  • The
    show goes by pretty fast, which to me is an indication that it’s
    grabbed my interest.

Hard to tell. Not picking up massive amounts of gay so far. Though
since this is biking, a reasonable amount of butt shots will be

Since the art style is rather rough and cartoony, we’re not dealing
with your traditional anime prettyboys here. The show has more of a
comedic, exaggerated feel. Having said that: Imaizumi is bae. Also,
it sort of tries to get people’s types in. The three third years, for
instance, are ‘buff dude’, ‘straight edge dude’ and ‘long haired
dude’. Out of these, the one that reminds me of Lovecraft (his name
is Makishima?) looks the most promising. Despite his improbable hair
colour. Don’t judge me.

or nay?

you’ve ever watched a bit of road cycling (like you sorta kinda followed
the Tour de France once), the overt explaining of basic principles in
the sport gets lame after a while. Because it does lay it on pretty thick. But other than that, this show
looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. It would be interesting to see how
these characters evolve. Like if we ever see Onoda break out of his
‘omg is he being nice to me wtf’ shell, or how Imaizumi deals with
past failures. And, not gonna lie, I wanna see what the third years
are like, because four episodes in (I cheated, sue me) they’re still
not actually in a frigging cycling club.