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Your thoughts on shigaraki’s possible redemption? his background makes me think. Grandson of a hero and raised by said hero’s enemy to fight against everything she stood for. It’s especially tragic from nana’s view. She gave up her child to spare them the pain of a hero’s life but then shigaraki’s situation happened.

Heya Nonny,

Hmmm. I don’t think the way Shigaraki is set up at this point in the manga, gives much leeway for a redemption arc. Right now he’s the main antagonist. He is a mirror for Midoriya. The successor of All for One, with Midoriya being the successor of All Might/One for All.
I agree with you that his back story is friggin tragic, but a tragic past alone doesn’t absolve you from your actions. A redemption arc would require a number of things.
1. He’d have to feel sorry. Somehow see the error of his ways. But this guy seems to be enjoying himself just fine as a villain. His character is not a ‘I do this because I must’ type deal. He relishes in evil.
2. Someone would have to take over as Big Bad. This is basic story logic, but there needs to be a main antagonist. Redemption arcs are good for the pawns that get defeated along the way. Shigaraki only acts like a pawn. He really isn’t one. He wasn’t one for Chisaki, and with All for One gone, there is no one above him.
I don’t see either of those as happening any time soon.

There’s a few people within the League of Villains, that do have potential for a redemption arc:
1.Twice: that boy has a lot of problems, my friends, but he doesn’t really seem like that awful a guy? Someone help him.
2. Spinner: the one that is legitimately questioning Shigaraki’s motives. The true Stain fanboy. It’ll be very interesting to see how they handle him once it becomes clear that LoV aren’t really in it to bring about True Heroes.
3. And finally, this may very well be wishful thinking on my part: Dabi. Granted, that’s mostly because of the Todoroki rumours. I would love to see an arc where he bonds with Shouto, but I fear that this guy is a troll who gives zero fucks. Also his kill count is pretty high. Higher than Shigaraki, in personal murders committed. There’s that. So probably just Spinner 😀


You guys I wrote a book

This is an old post, but I wrote a book.
Now, I realize this isn’t that fancy an achievement, because
a: it’s fanfic, and that automatically disqualifies it as a ‘book’ to some people
b: by fanfic standards, it’s not that big a deal. Like I know it’s not super popular, and also I’m no SkittyDyne (who is utterly amazing, but not, I suppose, a very healthy standard of length to strive for).
But this is still something I’ve wanted to do for a Very Long Time, and I’m pretty proud of myself that I was able to finish it,
so in the interest of explaining to fanfic writers everywhere what they’re getting themselves into, and to sate my own curiosity: have some numbers.

How long is it

The Word document that is my finished manuscript is 234 pages long (Times New Roman, font size 12)
It contains 130,040 words, which, holy shit, is more than Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone (76.944 words, according to the internets) and The Hobbit (95.022 words).
Book wise, this is apparently about the size of  LOTR’s The Return of the King (134,462 words).

LKS also tops out at 769,712 characters.

Fun factoid: In my experience, freelance writers around my parts receive €0.015 to €0.025 per character for work in print, such as a magazine or newspaper. Up to €0.033 or more if they get a good deal.
That’s €11,500, up to €24,400 if I’d spent all that time writing for pay, instead of as a hobby (please note that this is not a complaint, I’m very much doing this for fun).

How much room does it take

There exist, at this time, 114 versions of my manuscript, across two laptops and one Google Drive. This tells you that I’m a bit of a mess, but also, that I have a lot of back-ups (always make back-ups, kids).
There are also about six planning and assorted note documents.
The final version of the manuscript, by the way, takes up 1.630 kB, or 1.6 MB.
Fun factoid: It would not fit on a 3,5 inch floppy disk (also, I am old).

How much time does it take

There are 17 months and a half months between  @leeva-z-kai sending me the fateful pm that kickstarted this whole thing (it basically said ‘how about you just combine your au’s and story ideas’, but with prettier words).
The first 8 chapters of the current version went up a month later.

LKS has 46 chapters, with a an average of about 3k words per chapter.
And each of those chapters took about 12 hours to make. Some longer, some less, but that’s a pretty close average.
This includes writing and editing.
That’s 552 hours, with some added planning work.
Fun factoid: in my part of the world, office workers tend to have a work week of 38 hours. In this system the book would have taken 14.5 work weeks to complete.
Please remember this when you tell fanfic writers some version of ‘give me more content faster’: every minute you read takes an hour of someone’s time to write.

How much support does it take

This is the sentimental bit.
I very much believe in self-motivated writing. If you are not a copywriter, it is a good idea to write first and foremost for yourself. This means you won’t give up when you’re making gen fic that sits at a steady 47 views for ages.
That is not to say you can’t use support. Especially for a project this long.
A writer is not an island and you need someone, preferably several someones, to lean on.
Support comes in many forms.
It can come in the form of a pm and an offer for initial beta reading, like Keiji.
It is also someone to whine at, bounce ideas off of, just… chat at about your fic, like @bsinoranges, or @haruhi02, or @tottwriter, or milksalt, who is not on tumblr.
It very much, and this is important, comes in the form of comments and kudos, like a few dedicated readers coming back every few chapters to let you know that yes, they’re still following you, and no, you’re not writing into the void, like @seamarmot and a few others. (don’t think I didn’t notice, holy shit did I notice).
I’ve been lucky enough to have received all these types of support and honestly? Thank you. I truly don’t think I’d have done it without you.

Hiya Oranges! For your writing challenge: can i get a fluffy “That was unexpected’ for YamaYachi? Thanks :D


It’s cold.

Hitoka wraps her scarf just a bit  tighter before she leaves the building. Snowflakes float downwards, slow and flighty. Their project had run a little late, and now it was, Hitoka checks the watch below her palm, seven-thirty in the evening. Tadashi… she hopes he came home earlier than she did. It was her turn to cook too. Was… was there food in the apartment? What if rats had gotten to them and stole everything in their organized and technologically advanced tech? Then Tadashi would… he would become a hostage!

“Ahh, no Tadashi!“ Hitoka brings her face to her hands. What horrible misfortune. She tells herself to breathe. Just like how they practiced. There’s going to be no Mexican Stand-off. Tadashi is fine. They bought groceries just three days ago, Everything is fine.

Feeling calm enough, Hitoka adjusts the strap digging into her shoulder and starts walking again. Maybe, she could bring home a treat? It wouldn’t matter if Tadashi fell asleep already, they could always have it for breakfast tomorrow morning!

Yeah. He’ll like that. Hitoka nods to herself and heads off to the bakery with renewed energy. She thanks her lucky stars she managed to catch the bakery just before closing time and leaves with a chocolate cake in her arms.

Happy with her purchase she sets off towards home, not that the trip will take too long – only fifteen minutes actually. Their apartment on the 5th floor isn’t something to boast about, but it was the one they bought together and that’s what matters. In fact, it’s been six months but her heart still soars when she sees their nameplates just to the side. Yamaguchi Tadashi, and Yamaguchi Hitoka.

She safely manages to open the door without the cake falling from her fumbling, and she peeks in through the door. “I’m home,” she whispers, checking if anyone’s home.

Well, the light was on.

Hitoka, slips inside and sits on the genkan to remove her shoes. Maybe she should surprise him. 

“Hey, Hitoka welcome back!“

“AHH! Tadashi don’t scare me like that!“

She turns her back for just a second, and he’s already beat her to it. Her heart’s beating a mile a minute, but she’s not scared. Not at all.

Tadashi smiles warmly at her, remorseless. “Welcome home.”

She can’t help but smile back herself. When he helps her up she leaves a peck on his lips. “I’m home.”

Hitoka takes the box of cake from the floor and shows it to him. “I actually bought some chocolate cake we can have some later if you want.”

He smiles just a bit wider.

She notices the apron he’s wearing, it was something she got for him. It had french fries patterned over the red fabric, so she knew she just had to get it. He’s worn it ever since. “Oh, what’re you cooking?”

“I’m making curry.“ He says leading her to their kitchen. “Let’s have dinner together.”

“Ooh curry, that’s unexpected. Especially from you.”

“Ohohoho, that was one time Hitoka.”

She laughs and places her things on the table. “I’m sure it’ll be better this time around.”

His laughter fills the air again, and he draws her close. Resting his forehead on hers he says, “yeah, that’s because you’re here.”

And that’s that. @lethesomething thanks for the request I hope you enjoy!

P.S. I’m currently open for requests so if you feel the need for some prompts, you can check these ones out. Have a nice day!

New chapter

New LKS!

This one is super long and completely overstuffed and features a lot of characters and a bunch of fights scenes that I have, in chat, explained as ‘like fighting in a conveyor belt factory where someone keeps flicking off the light’.

I’m pretty fond of it.

The truth is, chivalry has basically fuck all to do with women, and everything to do with horses.See, the word “chivalry” comes from the French word “chevalier,” which comes from “cheval,” which means “horse.” Chivalry is literally just “rules for if you have a horse.” This was an important set of rules to have in chivalry times. Horses were the Blackhawk Helicopters of the Middle Ages; if you had a horse, you could absolutely kill anybody who didn’t have a horse and nobody was going to say a god damn thing. The only thing stopping you was chivalry.That’s what chivalry was for. Chivalry was – and still is – basically a way of saying, “okay, I have an optimised death machine between my legs, maybe I should look out for people who don’t have one of these.” So it’s not that chivalry is specifically about defending women because women are weak. It’s that chivalry is about defending people who don’t own horses, and in the middle ages women didn’t own shit.

Chivalry Isn’t Dead, You Just Don’t Know What the Fuck it is.

Also: “Chivalry boils down to three things: mercy, charity, and humility. Mercy means being conscious of your advantages, and treating other humans gently. Charity means giving without expecting anything in return. Humility means accepting your mistakes, and recognising that those who don’t have your advantages aren’t your inferiors.” (via gallifreygal)

That whole article is gold. My favourite:
Even if chivalry was perfect, which no
moral code is, it’s impossible to be a non-shitty person absolutely all
the time. Like, the Knights of the Round Table were probably the most
righteous group of horse-havers ever to have horses, but Gawaine chopped
a lady’s head off, Lancelot fucked his boss’s wife, and Percival was the biggest idiot ever to hold a sword.


If you’re straight, write stories with gay characters, but don’t write stories about being gay. That’s not your story to tell.

If you’re cis, write stories with trans characters, but don’t white stories about being trans. That’s not your story to tell.

If you’re allistic, write stories with autistic characters, but don’t write stories about being autistic. That’s not your story to tell.

If you’re neurotipical, write mentally ill characters, but don’t write stories about being mentally ill. That’s not your story to tell. 

If you’re able bodied, write stories with disabled characters, but don’t write stories about being disabled. That’s not your story to tell. 

If you’re white, write characters who are POC, but don’t write stories about being a POC. That’s not your story to tell 

Write stories with diverse and complex characters, but unless you’ve experienced the oppression that we have, don’t write the stories that we need to tell ourselves. 


Hello Haikyuu fandom!

For this exchange, you will be given a fantasy/mythical creature or figure at random. This will be the creature your gift has to be based on. (We are still accepting creatures to be added to the list)

To sign up as a creator/receiver: Please fill out this FORM so we can keep track of the entries and pair people up. 

To sign up as a pinch server: Please fill out this FORM. These are the people who are willing to create an additional gift in case someone drops out, or if there’s an uneven number of participants. You do not have to participate in the event to join as a pinch server. 

Additional info, as well as rules and the types of gifts acceptable, can be found here

This exchange does require an email, it is strictly for contacting purposes and will not be shared with anyone. 

Some rules and guidelines:
1) We will try to pair you up as closely as possible to your interests. If for some reason you feel like you were not paired correctly, please contact us and we will try our best to fix it.
2) If you would like to change the creature you were given, please contact us and we will randomly select a new one for you. You can do this as many times you like.
3) Nsfw must be put under a ‘read more’ and be tagged as such.
4) Everything must be tagged appropriately.
5) Any and all questions will be answered, just go here, or contact us on our email (
6) The gifts will be due in October. Posting is scheduled to be October 15 to October 31. If there are any changes are made, we will contact all participants. 
7) If you cannot make the date, or want to drop out of the exchange, please tell us before August 18th. Please also tell us if you change your url during the duration of the exchange.
8) We will be tracking the tag #fantasyhaikyuuexchange so please make sure to have it in the first five (5) tags.

***EDIT: These forms will be open until June 1st so please reblog to spread the info! ****


(please excuse the roughness of this post, i literally threw it together in like 5 minutes after doing a really rough estimate on how low i can push my prices for this. plus tumblr killed the quality so open in a new tab to see it clearer!)


TOO LONG, NOT GONNA READ VERSION: Bank fucked up, took money for a bill I cancelled, I’m now about $300 in the red, it’s gonna take some time to fix, and I haven’t yet received a paycheck from my new job. Also, said job seems to like only scheduling me for 12 hours a week. I really need to at least get a positive balance ASAP because I need to eat something besides hotdogs and eggs at some point. And also I’m almost out of said hotdogs and eggs.

Please consider commissioning me! They’re SUPER cheap right now!
If you can’t commission me, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could reblog to spread this around!


More details: I very recently got a new job after having to be out of work for mental health reasons since January. I didn’t intend to be out that long, but things progressively got worse to the point where i couldn’t even leave my house and i feared leaving my own bed some days.

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