So many feels

The ED to Haikyuu Season 3 is a work of art that deserves its own massive post because holy crap is there a lot to unpack.


  • Coach Whashio: wtf man?
  • Reon is a gift to mankind and the incarnation of Benki.
  • Semi and Shirabu are salt personified
  • Goshiki is Fierce
  • I don’t even know what Tendou is doing. He’s Tendouing.


  • Please look at how excited and fierce my bby Moniwa is
  • Koganegawa is an idiot and I love him
  • Futakuchi and Aone being Serious because someone has to be
  • Sakunami looking slightly terrified because of course

Jozhenji and Wakutani South

  • Hana Misaki being the rock upon which Jozhenji is built
  • The party team being all ‘wheeey’
  • Pineaple head!
  • Arata, Jozhenji’s libero, has a hard life, ok.


  • This is probably my favourite
  • Akaashi being the only serious one, as always
  • Konoha pls
  • Bokuto being dragged along
  • Komi also being dragged along (I have no idea how physics works in this)
  • Bokuto’s FACE
  • Manager Yukie and Kaori being so done, you guys


  • Kenma, pls
  • Lookit how supportive they are of the coach!
  • Excitable first years are excitable
  • Tora is grumpy and doing the pants thing (what is WITH the pants thing)
  • Fukunaga in the back being all “oh shit don’t drop him”, but quietly

Aoba Johsai

  • “Move along, Shittykawa”
  • Kunimi cares not about moving along
  • Kindaichi cares a lot
  • Kyouken being Menacing
  • Coach Irahata jogging like an old man
  • That grin on Hanamaki tho


  • Lookit my bby Yui being excited
  • Tsukki’s brother Akiteru is Flabbergasted
  • Yachi is so scared omg save her
  • Kyoko is scared of No Man
  • Ennoshita is slightly worried about TakaNoya, in a fatherly sort of way
  • I have no idea what’s going on with TakaNoya either, tbh
  • Ukai Senior wtf
  • This is also the internal monologue of Takeda sensei
  • Daichi is Fierce
  • Tsukki is So Ready
  • Lookit my bby’s Hinata and Kags, go get them!

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